Stillwater Wine Trail


To download a copy of our Stillwater Wine Trail Map Click Here.

Our Stillwater Wine Trail covers a combination of Vineyards and Wine Bars in Stillwater. St Croix Vineyards and Northern Vineyards can also be incorporated into either our Sourthern or Northern Wine Trails. Tasting fees are not included in transportation pricing and range between $5 - $10 per person and are paid directly to each vineyard.

Northern Vineyards Winery is located in historic downtown Stillwater. They make white, blush, red and dessert wine. Their wines range from very dry to sweet. Head out to the deck that overlooks the scenic St Croix River and the historic lift bridge. Gold Medal award winning wines produced from Minnesota and Wisconsin grown grapes are available for tasting and sales in their retail showroom.

Founded in 1992, the Saint Croix Vineyards has become one of Minnesota's largest and best known wineries. Located in Stillwater, the award winning Minnesota wines rank from the dark, intense, oak-aged Frontenac wines to the semi-sweet Vignoles, reminiscent of a fine German Riesling.

Domacin wishes to make all guest feel welcome and content in their home, the name stems from Latin - domicile, meaning home and Servian meaning - host or patriarch. They strive for consistency in excellence of wine, food, and service.