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Twin Cities Limousine Services in Minneapolis/St. Paul 2018

Posted on April 13, 2018 by Chad
Limousines in Minneapolis and St. Paul Area

In modern use, a limousine is a luxury sedan or saloon car, especially one with a lengthened wheelbase or driven by a chauffeur. The chassis of a limousine may have been extended by the manufacturer or by an independent coachbuilder. Limousine Hire Services These are called “stretch” limousines and are traditionally black or white. Limousines are usually liveried vehicles, driven by professional chauffeurs. As the most expensive form of automobile ground transportation, limousines are culturally associated with wealth or power and are commonly cited as examples of conspicuous consumption. Among the less wealthy, limousines are often hired during special events (most commonly weddings, proms, and bachelor parties). Photo and description by Lucas Maystre via Flickr.

MINNEAPOLIS — If you are looking for a Twin Cities limousine provider in 2018, then you have likely done an online search for local companies. That might have been how you ended up on this page. There is a great deal of information that can also be found about Renee’s Limousines (formerly Renee’s Royal Valet) in Minneapolis. We have been serving the local Twin Cities area with a variety of transportation services since the 1990s and have built up an extensive commercial transportation fleet consisting of many types of limousines, trolleys and coaches. Our reputation online and offline has been a culmination of satisfied customers over more than two decades of creating special moments and experiences in our elegant vehicles.

Wedding Limousines, Trolleys and Coaches

Wedding transportation in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota is a saturated and mixed market of companies of all sizes vying for bridal business in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs. Among the noise, you will find that Renee’s Limousines stands out in the wedding niche for several reasons. First, you will notice that our company has been awarded several accolades from media organizations and those in the bridal and wedding industry. These organizations know and trust that we provide a memorable local experience like no other in the realm of wedding travel. Our fleet includes street car trolleys, a variety of different kinds of luxury limousines and coach buses for group travel. Call Renee’s Limousines for a free consultation.

Event Transportation

There are many types of events in the Twin Cities. Renee’s Limousines offers group travel packages for many types of events:

  • Sporting events including MN Vikings football, Timberwolves/Lynx basketball, Wild hockey, Twins baseball, Gopher college sports of all types and various others
  • Theater/plays/live performance (Twin Cities is home to the largest theater industry in the United States outside New York City)
  • Trade shows and industry events
  • University events (University of Minnesota, St. Thomas, Concordia, Minnesota College of Art & Design, Hamline, various others)
  • Concerts and music events (venues include First Avenue, Target Center, Excel Center, The Myth, The Rock, Red Sea, various others)
  • Technology, science, education, business, training, job fair and startup events
  • Company parties
  • Local activities
  • Holiday parties and festivities

Corporate Travel Accounts

Companies of all sizes trust Renee’s Limousines to provide consistent, reliable limousine and business travel services with their corporate or small business accounts. Call Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis to set up your account or learn more about our services for business.


Tours include wine tours, brewery tours, city tours (Minneapolis, St. Paul, suburbs), cocktail safaris, gangster tours, holiday lights, pub crawls and dinners. Check our website for more info.

Anniversaries, Birthdays and Special Occasions 

If you have a special occasion coming up, call us to setup a custom package to celebrate.



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Minneapolis St. Paul Limo Service for Special Moments

Posted on February 15, 2018 by Chad
twin cities limousine

RRV is a company that believes in servicing those special moments in life

Minneapolis/St. Paul — At RRV, we have the mission to make unique and memorable experiences each time a customer utilizes our unique Twin Cities area transportation service. Our fleet of local limousines, trolley street cars, coach buses and limo coaches are useful for a variety of scenarios, but if you are looking for transportation for one of those special moments in life, you have come to the right place for the best in class limousine and specialty travel rental. Take a look at some of the below listed types of life events and entertainment options there are from those selected. If you have a special moment in life coming up, consult with one of our local booking professionals today. We can help get you started and see if there is availability in our fleet for your special day. We can also provide custom solutions if you call ahead of time.


Anniversaries are one of those cherished moments for couples in love. Share another beautiful year with that beautiful someone. Whether you are married, partnered or just friends, our team can set you up with a limousine, trolley or coach in many different kinds of styles to choose from.

Of course, there are other kinds of anniversaries like work anniversaries, etc. We can customize solutions to fit your needs.


This is the category we have won awards for in the region and are very well known for in the community. Vendors and couples alike have recognized our service as being the best wedding vendor and wedding limo provider in the Minneapolis area. We are proud to say that. If you’re looking for a company that will go above and beyond with all the right bells and whistles for your wedding, with the most professional courtesy and service to match, then RRV is your match. Get it?

Valentines Day

Yes, as we always say, we are in the business of love and the business of caring. We want to care about you and take good care of you on your most romantic trips around the city or countryside in one of vehicles like stretch passenger limos, SUV limos, trolleys, coaches and more in our Minneapolis fleet. Book your V-day with care at RRV.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

We have done a ton of these. People love a good bachelor/bachelorette party in the city and suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul. So many great destinations. A great time with friends, get your party on in Minneapolis in one of our limos, trolleys or coaches. Check availability first. Call ahead.

Birthdays and Holidays

If you’re primarily looking for something to do for someone’s birthday in the Twin Cities or for the holidays in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, look into our many options. We have beer brewery tour packages, wine tour packages, dinner tours, pub crawl tours and more. Call us for details or see our website to learn more.

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Freezing Temperatures in Minneapolis? No Problem, Get a Twin Cities Limo

Posted on January 10, 2018 by Chad
Minneapolis Transportation

Photo by McKay Savage from London, UK. Wikimedia Commons Image.

MINNEAPOLIS — A comfortable ride through the freezing cold temperatures of the Twin Cities in the winter time doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. Minneapolis based transportation provider Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches & Trolleys offers a wide range of travel options and choices of custom and local transportation for many types of situations, whether it is individual or group travel, business or leisure. Getting married in Minnesota during the winter? You might want to call one of the most trusted in the wedding limo business in the Twin Cities, RRV, a company that has been awarded by niche wedding and local media as well as trusted by most wedding planners in this area. Check out some of the packages or scenarios that could meet your needs during these freezing temps outside by checking our desktop and mobile website or frequenting this blog.

Individual or Group Travel

Staying warm in the Minneapolis or St. Paul metro area doesn’t have to mean using each other’s body heat (gross). Instead, you can plan your leisure or business activities with a specialist from RRV, who can get you nice and warm inside a limo, coach bus or limo coach.

The Fleet

The fleet includes all types of limousines, from passenger stretch car Lincolns to high riding SUV stretched limos. There are also street car style trolleys, which are not good for cold temperature activities. The coaches and limo coaches are great for groups in the Twin Cities.

Corporate or Business Travel

RRV provides travel options for business travelers who need a limo while in town or we can setup corporate accounts for frequent use. Call a specialist at RRV for more information on business packages for those doing business in the Minneapolis area.

Airport Travel

RRV can get you transportation at MSP International Airport, including airport travel and transportation to and from the airport for business customers or anyone who wants this service.

Tours and Events

If you need event transportation for your group, give RRV a call. Whether it is organized travel planning for your stage show, or if you are an event attendee that needs transportation to a Twin Cities event, RRV has several options available.

RRV also has its own pre-selected tour packages for breweries in the Twin Cities and Wineries/Vineyards. There is also a holiday lights tour package during the Christmas and New Years holiday season.

Wedding Transportation

RRV is an award-winning local Twin Cities wedding limousines provider. RRV has wedding limo packages of all shapes and sizes and will work directly with families or their wedding planners. We also provide transportation for birthdays, bah mitzvahs, anniversaries and other special occasions and milestones of life.

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Minneapolis Trolleys are Perfect Rides for Twin Cities St. Patrick’s Day Events

Posted on March 15, 2017 by Chad
Minneapolis Trolley Service

Minneapolis Trolleys are Green, Perfect Style for St. Patrick’s Day Events in the Twin Cities.

MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL — It’s that time of the year when green is in fashion and everyone is Irish no matter their ethnic or national origins: St Patrick’s Day is around the corner! Ironically, we have a number of green trolleys, which are an excellent option for safe, reliable, fun and festive transportation for any number of the local =Twin Cities St. Paddy’s Day parades or other events.

The Perfect Party on Wheels

Have you ever seen one of the street cars that travel throughout San Francisco? These old time railway cars are still in use in their city. The old “cable cars” as they were called back in the day, were more like trains and were powered by electric cable. Our version of the classic street car obviously doesn’t run on electric cables (and what for when we have the light rail, right?), but are drive train powered. We have several street car trolleys in our Minneapolis fleet. They make for a great party on wheels at events in the Twin Cities because they provide for such an open yet intimate environment conducive to social activity.

The Perfect Sober Cab Event Transportation

RRV has been providing local residents in the area with safe and reliable transportation for many years, since the early 1990s to be precise. In addition to our limousines, coaches (coach buses) and limo coaches, we also have the retro trolley fleet. We just love pulling these machines out of the garage. They are so fun and interesting. They are well known among locals as well. If you plan on drinking and having a good time for St. Patrick’s Day in the Minneapolis or St. Paul metro area, you should plan to have a designated driver or sober cab. The trolleys are a great way to get from one place to another without driving and risking death, injury and jail time.

Event Organizers and Transportation Coordinators

Are you involved in the event planning or transportation planning process for a local St. Paddy’s Day parade or other type of event in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area? We are an established top rated transportation provider in the Twin Cities with more than two decades of experience. We stress quality, safety and experience. If you are looking for event transportation and need to coordinate the planning of event travel on premises, off premises or to/from premises, please talk to the staff at RRV to see what kind of arrangements we can customize to accommodate your specific needs for St. Patrick’s Day in the Minneapolis area of Minnesota. Read more below about our company to see what we are the best choice for event transportation in the region.

About RRV

RRV is a premiere travel and transport company providing limousine, coach, limo coach and trolley services for businesses and individuals in Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area. We have won numerous awards from reputable websites, magazines and other publications/organizations and have worked with a great deal of local vendors in the event and wedding industries so our reputation is verifiable and we stand by it. Call us for more information.


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Book Wedding Limos in Twin Cities Now, March Almost Here!

Posted on February 28, 2017 by Chad
minneapolis wedding party limousines

Our Wedding Limousines in Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS — If you live in the Twin Cities metro region and you are looking for information regarding wedding limousines, then you have reached the right destination but you should consider putting the pedal to metal (metaphorically speaking that is) so you can ensure availability for your custom request. We have many options available but if you wait too long, your options will become much more limited.

That is why we are getting the word out about it now on our blog. RRV has been doing business as a wedding limo provider the Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding area since the early 1990s and we are dedicated to excellent service that is reliable, friendly and worth the value. Our elegant limousines are ready for your wedding day. So if you are getting married this spring or summer, give our expert transportation providers in the wedding niche help you get started with a package that is perfect for your occasion.


We work with all the major wedding planners and coordinate and do business with other local vendors as well and we can work with you to provide the best experience possible for your big day. Our limos offer wonderful amenities for entertainment, drinks, lighting and comfort. The interior of our car and SUV limousines are of superior quality. Our drivers are friendly, courteous and always mindful of your schedule. They want you to enjoy yourselves and get your money’s worth out of the service. See how RRV can coordinate and work with your wedding planner. Wedding planners and other vendors can also contact us directly.

Booking and Availability

As mentioned previously, booking and availability can be limited if you decide to wait for too long. It is important to get the right service and solution for transportation so patience is virtue, but now is the time to really get it into high gear. You can start by giving us a call for a free custom quote for transportation needs or asking questions about the process. We can begin helping you plan for your guest travel as well as private rides in our elegant automobiles in our large fleet.

Guest Travel

Our fleet is large enough to accommodate several types of travel options. If you are concerned about travel options for your guests (such as rides to or from the airport, shuttle to another location, etc.), then you should ask about our custom options. If you are holding a large wedding with guests and the event is set to be outdoors, you can cover a lot of ground with your old-time trolleys, which provide open air seating. This is great for conversation, sight seeing and guest interaction overall. There are also great limo coaches and coach buses for shuttling passengers from one location to another. If you just want limousines for all forms of travel, we can accommodate that as well. We have limos that are in the style of passenger cars as well as high end sport utility vehicles (also known as SUVs) like the Hummer and Ford Excursion and other Lincoln models to choose from. Call us now to get started so you can reserve your wedding limo in Minneapolis.

-Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches & Trolleys

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Twin Cities Wedding Limousines: Time is Now for Planning

Posted on February 1, 2017 by Chad

MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL — Are you getting married? Have you hired a professional wedding planner or planning your wedding yourself? Maybe a family member is taking over that part. Whatever your situation is for wedding planning, you will need to include a transportation plan. Just about every wedding has a special order wedding limousine. RRV is a full service wedding limo provider in the Twin Cities metro area.

Our Award-Winning Wedding Transportation

Several publications in the twin cities have awarded us or included us in a top tier ranking category for transportation in the wedding industry. These include Minnesota Bride, Wedding Wire and Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine. We take pride in the services we provide to our couples and their families. We can also accommodate other group travel plans for your guests with our coach buses and limo coaches. More elaborate plans can include trolley rides during the warmer spring and summer months in Minnesota.

Our Local Online (and Offline) Reviews and Reputation for Limos, Coaches and Trolleys Service

As mentioned previously, RRV takes customer service seriously, but we take it to the next level because we believe strongly in generating genuine referrals from friends and families moving into the special chapter of their life: marriage. See our previous post on Valentines Day limo rides to see why we believe we are in the business of love. Your experience will be unforgettable. This is why we are rated so highly on social media, search engines and online directories like Google, Facebook, Yelp and The Knot, where we are rated 5 five stars. Also, just ask around… We have been doing this since the early 1990s in the Minneapolis area. Check us out on Angie’s List too.

Our Fleet of Limos for Weddings, Coach Buses for Family Guest Passengers and Trolleys for Fun Moments

Your wedding wouldn’t be complete without a limo. For an elegant experience, reserve any one of our Lincoln car limousines. We also have other types of limos that you can browse on our website. You may have a color preference. This is subject to availability, of course, so you should act on that information as soon as you can by getting in touch with us on special requests for vehicle type and color if it is very important to you. We can also facilitate group travel for your guests, such as family, friends and others attending the ceremony, reception, etc. Ask about trolleys, which have a real streetcar feel and can add to festivities at larger weddings.

Call RRV to discuss the options for wedding transportation for your special day. It is something you should be solidly planning now for spring or summer weddings in Minneapolis, Minnesota or the surrounding area. Consult with us on booking a wedding limousine and for other transportation needs like those discussed above.

-Renee’s Royal Valet – Coaches, Limos and Trolleys

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Minneapolis, MN – Why So Many Wedding Planners Refer Our Limo Services

Posted on June 30, 2016 by Chad
limousines in twin cities

A great experience with Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis will make any bride smile.

There is a reason why so many wedding planners trust our limo services company for their clients in the twin cities metro area. We are an award-winning company and we have been doing this since the 1990s. We get a lot of referrals from them because we offer a customizable premium transportation service that includes all the entertainment, luxury and amenities you could expect from a top notch service provider the weddings industry in the local area. From great options for food/drinks to a wide selection of ride options for you and your guests, our limousine company can make your special moments just that much more memorable. Continue reading to learn why our services and fleet of limousines, coach buses and trolley rides are the best around and how you can book us for your wedding party, birthday or other type of event.

Recognition in the Twin Cities

We are recognized by the press, wedding industry and local organizations in the metro area for providing great experiences for brides, grooms and their parties. In the Mpls/St. Paul Magazine 2015 Diamond Awards, our company had the great honor to receive the award for outstanding transportation. We share this prestigious award with several other wedding service providers in the region. We also received “Best Of” awards at both The Knot and Minnesota Bride Magazines. We also took home a “Bride’s Choice” award from Wedding Wire. We are pleased that we could please our clients, partners and community so much. That is really the only award we need.

The Legendary Fleet

For your wedding party, you want the best at an affordable price for the value. That is exactly what we promise to provide, along with great times and unforgettable experiences. Our fleet includes limos, stretch sport utility vehicles (SUVs like Excursions and Hummers), trolleys and coaches with several cool features inside each one. Browse our website to get a better picture of our fleet and some of the offerings we have available for wedding parties and wedding planners.

Wedding Planners

If you are a wedding planner in the area looking to find a reliable service partner to provide excellent transportation services for your clients, do not hesitate to give us a call and discuss the details. We will consult with you and provide all of the information you need to work with us to provide your clients with these great experiences. Our limos and coaches are luxurious. Our trolleys are nostalgic and fun for outdoor trips and events. Our service and courtesy is simply amazing. Call us now to get started.

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VIP’s & Venue Tour

Posted on March 7, 2013 by Angelique

Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches, & Trolleys was happy to tour the Twin Cities of Minneapolis for the 4th VIPs & Venues Tour organized by Simply Elegant Bridal Consulting. The voyage was February 27th and included a full day of touring Minneapolis and St. Paul mansions aboard our 24 passenger limo coach.  Some of the mansions include St. Paul College Club, Gale Mansion, Van Dusen Mansion, and lunch provided by Three Son’s Catering at the Blaisdell Manor!

The wedding professionals also had a chance to tour The Event Gallery.  This is a showroom of  products and services that is tailored for events in the Twin Cities market.  Visitors are able to experience vendor displays year-round in a refurbished warehouse that offers a luxurious, boutique-style atmosphere.

Photos Courtesy of Coppersmith Photography

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Mintahoe Venue Tour

Posted on May 6, 2011 by Angelique

It was a fabulous day touring 5 favorite wedding venues hosted by Mintahoe Catering & Events.  The tour started at the Nicollet Island Pavilion which is the perfect venue for a fun festive or formal event. We indulged in delicious crepes and fresh fruit before a day filled of shared bridal ideas and guided tours from their team of Event Consultants.

The group hopped aboard Renee’s Royal Valet Dublin Trolley while sitting back and enjoying a carefree ride around the Twin Cities with Royal Style. Michelle of Delight Photography captured the day of breath taking venues.


The second stop was at the Minnesota Boat Club on Raspberry Island.
Nestled on Raspberry Island, the Boat Club is home to Minnesota’s oldest athletic organization as well as being a charming spot for both ceremonies and receptions.

The third stop was onto Padelford Riverboats.  Imagine cruising up the beautiful and scenic Mississippi River while the sun sets and everyone enjoys great food and good conversation. For four decades, Padelford Riverboats has helped couples start their own happily ever after in memorable fashion. Embark on an affair to remember and plan your wedding with Padelford Riverboats.


The Trolley cruised through scenic roadways to beautiful Saint Croix National Golf & Event Center.  This award-winning course makes for spectacular ceremonies on the “19th green” followed by receptions in the versatile event center.


The historic Van Dusen Mansion & Events Center became our final stop of the day.
This breathtaking property is the premier ultimate setting for weddings. The grand mansion has been lovingly restored and is one of a kind.  It is sure to become a favorite landmark wedding venue.  While at the Van Dusen Mansion we toasted and raised our glasses to a fun filled day with a champagne cocktail bar and decadent dessert assortment.  What a way to end a perfect day.

Cheers to all that made this event possible.

Mintahoe Catering & Events, Après Party & Tent Rental, We’ve Got It Covered, Violets Flowers, Bellagala for music and Delight Photography for capturing the day.

Renee’s Royal Valet transportation by the Dublin Trolley.

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