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Holiday or Black Friday Shopping Trips Call for Custom Transportation Plans

Posted on November 14, 2017 by Chad
black friday minneapolis

Mall of America photo by Mono P. via Flickr. Wikimedia Commons Image.

Minneapolis/St. Paul — Twin Cities Black Friday deals are some of the most sought after retail extravaganzas there are across the country, especially considering the major retail giants that call Minneapolis and St. Paul home – Target, Best Buy, Mall of America, Gander Mountain, Fleet Farm, etc. These retailers slash prices at their stores, not to mention the other retailers in the area that do not have headquarters in Minnesota such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens,  Home Depot and many others during the holiday season. Black Friday in the Twin Cities brings shoppers from all across Minnesota and the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area to stores to save money shopping for clothing, electronics, home decor, toys for kids, home entertainment, athletic gear, automotive equipment, tools, jewelry and much more. All that shopping requires a lot of travel and professional transportation companies often assist clients with shopping trips around the city.

RRV can provide limousines for your shopping trip in Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, including the many suburbs in the area like Burnsville, Bloomington, Richfield, Brooklyn Park, Blaine, White Bear Lake, Apple Valley, Shakopee and many other cities in the metro area. Get a limo to go shopping in the Twin Cities and experience a pleasant experience along the way. Customize your shopping trip to plan a route that makes sense and to get the deals that you are looking for. Are you looking for a Black Friday transportation choice? Consider a company that can provide a wide range of limousine options in the Minneapolis area, including both stretch limo cars and SUV style limos.

If you are traveling with a group to go shopping, consider RRV because the RRV fleet also includes larger coach bus and limo coach style transportation options. These large vehicles accommodate several passengers in a group but with the same type of luxury, comfort, amenities and entertainment options as limos.

Limo coaches are similar but a hybrid between the limousine and the coach style, to give your smaller groups a chance at an excellent shopping adventure throughout the Twin Cities local area. In addition to major retailers in the area like Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy, there are a ton of locally owned retail businesses in the Twin Cities as well that you can visit in a planned shopping trip through the city.

Book your limousine, coach bus or limo coach shopping travel plan by calling RRV.

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Guests Visiting Twin Cities for Christmas Holiday and Need Transportation?

Posted on November 9, 2017 by Chad

MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL (Twin Cities Metro Area) — Do you have family or friends (or both) visiting from out of town, out of town or even from out of the country for the holidays? If you have family coming to visit and are landing at the MSP (Minneapolis-St. Paul) International Airport and would like a limousine escort them from the airport to your home or another location, contact RRV to get a custom quote on airport travel arrangements for your holiday guests visiting the Twin Cities this Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year holiday season. If you have group travel plans, check out RRV’s other transportation options and the massive fleet of vehicles including coach, limo and trolley travel plans.

Airport Travel

Family visiting the Minneapolis area during this holiday season will find that the transportation from RRV will be the most comfortable, safe and elegant experiences one could ask for right before seeing their loved ones. RRV can send a limo to the airport in Minneapolis to bring your party to a desired location. Fees are very affordable. Check availability by calling a transportation expert at RRV in Minneapolis today.

Holiday Group Travel

Thanksgiving, Christmas (X-mas), Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa and New Years transportation for groups is a specialty for RRV in Minneapolis and St. Paul metro areas. You can rent vehicles to suit to your needs for the holidays as well as coordinate travel plans with custom travel planning at RRV. RRV has a number of different options for small (1-5 people), medium (5-10) and large (10-20+) groups. If you have a very large group or some complex travel planning for the holiday, consult with our experts.

Holiday Transportation Rental

You will find that Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches & Trolleys has one of the best reputations in the Twin Cities for their excellent attention to detail, large fleet of diverse kinds of vehicles for group travel and experience with superb customer experiences. Holidays are an excellent opportunity for RRV to showcase the reason why they are rated so high, even winning local awards. Try out the Twin Cities Holiday Lights Tour to get a sample of what RRV has to offer. You can even plan this for your family get-together. If you need a vehicle to rent for a holiday event or party, consult with a member of our team and check out our fleet of vehicles at the RRV website.

The Fleet

RRV’s fleet includes Lincoln passenger car stretch limos, Hummer and other sport utility vehicle (SUV) style limousines, limo coaches, coach buses and trolley street cars. Give us a call to book travel plans, check availability or ask us a question.

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Corporate Travel Accounts: Minneapolis Limousines

Posted on October 13, 2017 by Chad
minneapolis limousines

Corporate Limousines in Minneapolis

Minneapolis and St. Paul, otherwise known as the Twin Cities (including hundreds of sprawling suburbs), is a Midwest economic powerhouse. Businesses that line the major freeways like I-35, I-90, I-394, I-494, I-694 and I-94 provide continued economic prosperity in the form of jobs and millions of dollars in transactions each day. Major state and U.S. highways like 62, 112, 169, 13, 77 and a variety of county roads help interconnect these communities like arteries to the main hubs of east and west metro. The commutes can be downright horrible. Get a corporate travel account and ride in a comfortable limousine from RRV.

Business limos in Minneapolis and St. Paul will alleviate the stress of commuting through heavy or aggressive traffic throughout the Twin Cities. Expert staff drivers can accommodate your company travel needs and also provide you with a quiet place to work, getting more done when eliminating the need to commute. Enjoy the comfortable seating and many other amenities onboard the RRV limousines for business and/or corporate transportation.

Treat your clients to the executive experience. Schedule custom routes and planned business meetings within the private confines of a private limousine in the Twin Cities. RRV has many years of experience with corporate travel and business transportation. Our company has been providing transportation to companies, couples, groups and individuals for more than 20 years. Our company has also won numerous awards locally and our ratings online provide a glimpse of the kind of classy service RRV provides for its clients, especially corporate and business limo accounts.

If you are looking to have a mobile office with a driver at that, choose RRV for your business limousine service provider. Work from the comfort of an elegant and comfortable office on wheels complete with television, drink station and leather seats. Limousines in the fleet come in a variety of styles and colors. Vehicle make and models vary from Lincoln cars to SUVs and Hummers. There are also coach buses and limo coaches for specialty business travel, tours, group functions, etc. RRV can help consult with your business on all of its specialized transportation needs.

Your clients and co-workers will be impressed. You will become more efficient combining work and travel and eliminate a nasty and annoying drive. What more could you ask for? If you are a Minneapolis or St. Paul metro area business and looking for a corporate limousine or business transportation provider or account, consult with our transportation experts to learn more.

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Twin Cities: Limousines, Trolleys and Coaches in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Posted on August 29, 2017 by Chad

MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL – If you didn’t get a chance to read our last RRV blog post on upcoming events in the Twin Cities in September 2017, be sure to check it out. The links on those pages will navigate you to even further reading about the upcoming events. RRV provides limousines, coach buses, trolleys and transportation for local events in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area, so continue reading if you are interested in more information about event transportation.

Twin Cities Limos

Get a limousine in the twin cities from RRV. In addition to limos for Minneapolis area events, we offer travel to and from the MSP International airport, corporate travel for business accounts, wedding limousines (for which we have been recognized by numerous local vendors, publishers and others as an award winning wedding transportation provider), anniversaries, tours (such as breweries/wineries) and much more. Our limousine fleet includes stretch passenger car and sport utility vehicle (SUV) limos such as beautiful Lincolns, Hummers, Excursions, etc. The limos provided offer great seating with exceptional comfort as well as music and visual entertainment inside. Have drinks with your fellow passengers and ride in elegance and style.

Twin Cities Coaches

Our fleet also contains a number of coach travel options. These coach buses are great for groups and multiple passengers taking tours or heading to an event. They are also great for coordinating shuttle travel and custom transportation options in the twin cities. They can even be used at events and for airport travel with groups of passengers.

The coaches are excellent because they provide the same level of comfort as our elegant and stylish Twin Cities fleet of limousines but accommodates group travel more efficiently. There are still the same options for sound and television as well. RRV has been providing coach and limo coach travel for many years. Check the RRV website to learn more about the entire fleet and range of options for coach bus travel in the Twin Cities metro area.

Twin Cities Trolleys

The old school street car style trolleys that we have in our fleet are some of the most interesting and sought after reservations that we offer. They can be used for onsite transportation at events as well as traveling in the Minneapolis area with your family, friends or co-workers. There are numerous ways to utilize the trolley and have a custom experience among your peers or closest of kin.

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Customize Your Minneapolis Limousine Experience

Posted on August 12, 2017 by Chad
TWIN CITIES — RRV offers custom limousines in Minneapolis for your next party, event, wedding, business trip or other type of transportation in the Twin Cities area. Get just the right kind of limo to suit your needs at RRV by consulting with one of our transportation experts who can guide you through the process over the telephone. Also, don’t forget to check the RRV website for more information about our fleet and what type of options are available throughout the four seasons here in Minnesota.
Select the type of limousine
We have a great many options within our local Minneapolis fleet to choose from. Our fleet options are available online through our website, and if you go there and check it out you will see a number of different types of limousines that we can provide based on your particular transportation needs or wants. We have sport utility vehicles (SUVs) within our fleet that are stretched to the max to provide the best in comfort, elegance and style. Think Lincoln n Navigator or Hummer. Lincoln Towncars and Continentals are also very popular and we do have Lincoln stretch limos available in the Twin Cities. They have been used for birthday parties, bah mitzvahs, anniversaries, weddings and other types of events. They are also perfect for business travel.
Riding in style
There is no doubt that riding in a limousine commands excellence, elegance and a dash of style. Tell us about the theme of your party or event and we can help get you a matching limousine from our fleet to make sure that your style options are consistent with your vision. The transportation experts at  RRV can help you select the right choice based on current availability or future plans that you may have.
Creating the experience
We have been creating wonderful memories for many years. We often say we are in the business of love and the business of caring and we try to inject that in everything that we do because we know that a wonderful and memorable customer experience can never be replaced and that is the solid foundation of our limo business in Minneapolis. Therefore, we will do everything that we can to help you make sure that you create a wonderful experience for your guests, family, friends or other passengers.
Other options
The great thing about RRV is that it is a diverse business with many options for transportation in the Twin Cities. Consider our coach buses, limo coaches or even our street car style trolleys for your next event or for general transportation needs in the local area. Call us to discuss all of these options and more. The helpful staff at our RV will try to help you select a package that fits your budget and your vision.

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Getting Married? Need a Limo? Experience Spring and Summer Packages

Posted on April 26, 2017 by Chad
Minneapolis, MN limousine transportation

Photo by Runner1928 (Creative Commons) : Mississippi River from Washington Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, between banks of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. University hospital and medical campus in background.

MINNEAPOLIS — Wedding limousines for couples getting married in Minnesota in the Twin Cities are available in a variety of styles but availability can become quite limited during the warmer months, so be sure to call and consult with a transportation expert at RRV to see what is available in the fleet. The RRV fleet contains a number of different options including SUV and passenger car models that are stretched for luxury, elegance, style, comfort and entertainment. The friendly drivers are expert navigators throughout the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as the sprawling suburbs.

Spring has pretty much sprung, and in this four-season state, it is a treasured moment in the cycle of seasons. People are getting into more comfortable clothing and preparing for more outdoor activities, including weddings. Minnesota brides are walking down aisles right now and preparing to drive off with their grooms into a beautiful sunset and share their romantic moment together before enjoying an evening celebration with family and friends.

This is why RRV entered the business: to create special moments that are remembered for a lifetime. The business of love is one of commitment and passion and its what we do best. From our staff of excellent drivers to our fleet of custom limos, trolley street cars, coach buses and limo coaches, we have a business model that is based on the experience. That means we must be dedicated to quality to satisfy our customers in the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota.

The value is all in the experience. Spring and summer limo packages from RRV create an atmosphere of safety, fun and comfort. Book a limousine while it is available in Minneapolis, if you still haven’t arranged for travel plans for your wedding. Plan and coordinate transportation for guests, the married couple and for airport or shuttle travel. RRV can accommodate many types of requests.

One popular request is for our trolley street cars. Twin Cities trolley travel is fun and exciting, traveling with your friends and family throughout the cities in elegance. The trolleys are actually fully climate controlled. The Green Dublin is one of the most unforgettable experiences for brides, grooms and their guests.

Another popular request is for coaches and limo coaches. These coach buses are the perfect format for airport and shuttle travel. Transporting guests for large weddings in the spring and summer can sometimes be a nightmare. RRV can help. Give us a call to learn more about wedding transportation options in the Twin Cities.


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Minneapolis, MN Wedding Limousines: Theme of Decor and Attire

Posted on March 26, 2017 by Chad

Twin Cities wedding vendors trust us to work with them on pertinent and important details that are important for the overall theme and experience of the wedding so it all goes off without a hitch. That often means coordinating many different aspects of the wedding. That includes elements that can help bring everything together perfectly, such as transportation, decor (interior/exterior) and attire.

Make sure to read more about our limousine fleet on our website. The RRV fleet consists of many types of transportation including retro trolleys and sleek, luxurious and elegant wedding limos. We also have a variety of limo coaches available. Lastly, we have coach travel options for your guests, for shuttle/airport travel and other purposes that involve moving around many groups of people at or to/from your wedding.


What is the theme of your wedding? If you have custom planning involved in the theme of your wedding, whether on your own or through a professional wedding planner in the Twin Cities, then consider the transportation options as well. Make your guest and wedding experience the most true to theme as possible by coordinating with our experts in wedding travel and transportation. Whether it’s color, style or some other format to consider, we may have something that blends well with the overall theme of the wedding.


Part of a theme for your special romantic day often involves planning the interior and/or exterior decorating for the party, ceremony, etc. Spring and summer weddings in Minnesota are often themed with bright colors and flowers, but many couples and/or planners often opt in to certain themes (even those that are dark like goth/noir). One popular theme for weddings is the Roaring 20s/30s era style. Retro style trolleys might fit well with that theme for onsite transportation. White weddings can include all white limos. We also have a variety of dark and black limousine options to choose from, not to mention SUVs for some more adventurous themes.


Attire is obviously an important part of theme planning for your Minneapolis/St. Paul area wedding. Transportation options may also be considered to blend with the dress code, but the important thing is that you are satisfied with the experience and how all the pieces of your wedding, including the travel planning, fit together.


This one word says it all when it comes to wedding themes in Minnesota. Coordinate, coordinate, coordinate! Get in touch with RRV to plan the travel options for your wedding.

-Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches & Trolleys

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Minneapolis MN Business Limos with Corporate Accounts

Posted on December 29, 2016 by Chad

Twin Cities – If you are thinking about getting a corporate or executive business limo account in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, then you have visited the right place. There are several considerations to take before starting your own business travel account. This information will help you to make a selection for transportation, work out scheduling details and manage your budget for company limousine accounts. RRV has some of the most professional drivers in the city and a large fleet of vehicles with great prices and packages. Consultants will help you get started.

Make Your Limo Selection

Typically, limos and coaches are available in a variety of models, but based on their booking availability. A corporate or company account for all of your local business travel will often afford you priority of these vehicles due to your corporate status and long-term business with RRV. The large fleet of limousines include many different styles and colors. There are white and black executive style passenger car limousines like the Lincoln Continental or Towncar styles and SUV styles. Your corporate account will help you make preferred selections of a vehicle booked for an ongoing schedule. Contact us to learn more.

Consult Your Schedule

Business is often routine, and there are plenty of uncertain moments or spontaneous events and having a travel accommodation that can handle all sorts of requests and maintain a constant schedule of travel time for meetings and other plans is an important element. Book blocks of time for your limo travel or consult with us for more custom planning for business traveling plans. Put your plans into action and get more business done with our professional drivers and comfortable limousines.

Pricing and packages

Affordable pricing and custom planning for business budgets is what sets RRV apart from other types of transportation providers in the Minneapolis area. We have been providing a quality and elegant experience for our clients since the early 1990s. We can develop the right package for your business needs and work with you on price points and packages that provide value to your organization. Call us to get started or visit the website to learn more about our services.

Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches and Trolleys is an award-winning limousine and custom transportation provider in the Minneapolis, MN area. The company manages a large fleet and provides for customized corporate travel accounts. We work with companies of all types and sizes and our experienced drivers can provide a quality experience for executives, owners, managers, etc.

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Minneapolis Limousine Business Travel

Posted on December 28, 2016 by Chad

Minneapolis/St. Paul – Traveling and commuting for business in the city is, for some executives and business owners, a way of life. Meeting to meeting, travel is an essential function of the business world. Whether flying into MSP airport and then headed off to meet with company leaders in the area or to make a speech at a local event for your own Twin Cities area business, choose a company that can meet the demand with world class travel options and drivers with professional experience.

The typical Minneapolis limo service won’t do. No. You need something with elegance, dedication to quality service and professional planning and travel consultation. If you need something long-term for your corporate account, you can trust these business travel professionals to provide a packaged service that meets the demands of your business travel needs on an ongoing basis.

If you are in town traveling to do some business in the Minneapolis area and you are looking for a limousine company that can provide the most for your money, then look no further. RRV is known for its large fleet of vehicles including both passenger car style and SUV style limousines, street car trolleys for events and coaches and coach limos for groups of passengers and event/tour travel for your company.

The coaches are a great way for companies to shuttle employees to various parts of an event. They also provide good transportation options for groups that need to travel for corporate retreats or other types of work-related functions that need group travel packages in the Twin Cities area.

Corporate limousine travel plans are available and are a great way to keep a reserve limo for taking out clients, traveling back and forth to meetings, going to the International Airport (MSP), arranging for VIP travel, going to company events and just traveling throughout the city exclusively in the company limousine.

Often, business transactions and meetings even take place within the confines of the limousine, which can act like a mobile meeting space for the extremely ambitious and busy businessman, meeting on the go or just running to lunch and squeezing in just enough time to hash out the details of a plan. All of these great benefits of limo business travel are available through specialized corporate accounts developed with your business and budget for travel in mind. Reach one of the consultants from RRV to discuss options for corporate travel and transportation in the Minneapolis area. Also ask about the fleet and about availability of various models.

-Written by Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches and Trolleys

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Minneapolis, MN City Tours – Limousines, Trolleys or Coach Travel

Posted on September 23, 2016 by Chad
Minneapolis City Tour

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden – Walker Art Center, spring 2014. Photo by Dave Tucker

The Twin Cities, which encompasses the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area, is home to around 4 million residents who live in a geographic area that stretches into Western Wisconsin (Hudson, WI is one of the most easterly lying suburbs of the metro area). This includes hundreds of suburbs, some as small as 69 people and some as large as 85,000 (like Bloomington). Your city tour can be customized by contacting and consulting with us on a coordinated travel plan in the Twin Cities.

Mall of America

Since we already mentioned Bloomington, a shopping stop might be the famous Mall of America, one of the largest shopping centers in the United States and it is right next door to a large IKEA outlet as well.

Brewery Tours

Minnesota is home to a diverse and growing list of micro- and craft breweries and “brewpubs” that are spread throughout the Twin Cities. Our website contains a list of these special Minnesota-based craft beer breweries, which are great attractions. They are also a lot of fun, as well as educational. Learn how beer is made!

US Bank Stadium, First Avenue and Target Field/Center

Target Center and Target Field (where the Minnesota Twins professional baseball franchise and Minnesota Timberwolves pro basketball team play) are located right across the street from the historic music venue First Avenue, where Prince once played. Big news right now (at least according to rumor) is that Paisely Park may become a tourist destination and possible museum for fans of Prince’s music. US Bank is the new super technologized stadium where the Minnesota Vikings play. It’s great to be state that has all four major sports teams, plus a growing soccer league. useu

Walker Art Center and Museums

The Walker Art Center is a great place to see art. Also, the twin cities is home to the most live theaters per capita of any city besides NYC. There is a lot of art and culture here to explore. Beyond the great restaurants and awesome people, there are history museums and other arts museums and centers, including the science museum.

University of Minnesota

Check out the U of M campus, one of the largest colleges in the nation (in the top 3) while you’re in town. It’s an amazing campus with its own set of attractions and neighborhoods.

Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches and Trolleys

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