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Holiday Trolley Rentals in Minneapolis or St. Paul Metro Area 2017-2018

Posted on November 30, 2017 by Chad
Twin Cities holiday lights tour

Holiday Lights Tour Minneapolis/St. Paul (Twin Cities)

MINNEAPOLIS — Holiday season is here. And with it the merry spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas cheer, family togetherness and love all around. Did we mention that we are in the business of love? We like to use that phrase as a slogan because it is the mission that drives our business, to deliver cherished memories with loved ones, families, friends, colleagues and the community. Our Minneapolis transportation service has been providing unique travel options for local consumers and businesses since 1993, including the famous Twin Cities trolleys that you may have seen throughout the cities.

Holidays are festive. Festive times call for festivities. Festivities often involve a lot of people, a lot of planning and a lot of resources, including transportation. Governments, non-profits, businesses, schools and other institutions and community organizations often come together during the holidays to create spectacular events in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota metropolitan area. Organizers of these events can count on RRV to provide transportation services and travel coordination for their events.

The trolley service from RRV is one of the most sought after services in our business in the Twin Cities metro area and the RRV fleet has several of the old-timey feeling street cars ready for any type of holiday event, excursion, adventure, tour or function. Holiday lights tours are one of the most popular tours and events requested from our company. We also offer limousines, coaches and limo coaches for the holiday and Christmas lights tours in the Minneapolis area.

Trolleys are super fun because groups can experience the open air atmosphere of the street car that brings about the most fun and intimate moments of exploration and dialogue among close friends, family and colleagues. If you head over to the RRV website, you can take a look at the many different types of street car trolleys available in our Twin Cities fleet of limos, trolleys and coach buses.

Book your group now before it is too late. Availability becomes challenging around this time of year, the closer it gets to the Christmas and New Year holidays. Explore the holiday lights of the Twin Cities or use the trolleys at your organization’s or family’s event in the Minneapolis or St. Paul metro area. Reserve the trolley and consult with our experts to consider what type of coordination might be necessary for your group using the holiday trolley.

Don’t forget to have fun.

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Minneapolis Transportation for Parties, Events, Tours and More

Posted on October 31, 2017 by Chad

MINNEAPOLIS — RRV is known for its premium transportation and travel packages for events, tours and parties of all kinds. That is because the company has dedicated itself to creating wonderful experiences and has been doing so since the 1990s when it all began. Now the company has a larger than life fleet capable of almost anything.

Some of our loyal customers post about their experiences on our Facebook page, like Samantha S. below:

“Renee’s was above and beyond everything I could have hoped for. I hosted my best friend’s bachelorette party in Minneapolis and rented the 20 passenger limo coach, for 4 hours. Bob was our driver and he made sure we all had a great time! Originally, we had planned to stop at a handful of bars, but decided to just ride around on the bus after it started raining. Bob was up for anything as long as everyone had fun. I highly recommend RRV to anyone looking for a fun, affordable, and clean party bus. Thanks again for a great night!!” …. Samantha S.

Thanks for sharing your experience Samantha! Ed N. ranked RRV with a five-star rating on the official RRV Facebook page after one of his events scheduled with a premium Twin Cities transportation package:

This was a great experience from the moment we requested information through the trolley tour. We (@hocmn) organized a ‘trolley tour’ of affordable properties in Minneapolis for consumers, real estate agents, lenders and other partners. While planning, every question was answered incredibly quickly and our driver was FANTASTIC. Professional, engaging and accommodating. All-in-all this we’re incredibly pleased with the service we received from Renee’s.

RRV is known for the excellent service at weddings, too. Recently, RRV traveled to the Basilica of St. Mary for a wedding. Emile C. rented a silver Hummer for the event:

Just rented Renee’s silver hummer for my wedding that occurred @ The Basilica of St. Mary on 09.09.2017. Mark was punctual and very polite, as well as accommodating when a slight change of plans were made regarding pictures taken @ the Como Zoo Conservatory, rather then the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens.
I also want to say THANK YOU to the entire staff @ Renee’s that helped make that day a very special one.

Another aspect of the limousine, coach and trolley business is customer service. RRV wants every customer to recommend them so they make sure every experience counts with their passengers, as Misty B. would agree:

My group of 12 used Renee’s for transportation to and from a charity event in Minneapolis, picking up in Chaska. From beginning to end, they were extremely professional and highly focused on customer service. After being dropped off, I left my cell phone in the vehicle and the driver was kind enough to come right back and bring it to me, even though he had a tight schedule and a wedding to get to. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

If you are looking for transportation that is professional and reliable for your next event, check with the staff at RRV.

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Minneapolis Limo Tours: Twin Cities Beer Breweries and Wine Vineyards

Posted on October 20, 2017 by Chad
Minneapolis Beer Brewery Tours

Creative Commons Image

MINNEAPOLIS — Did you know that the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area known as the Twin Cities is home to some of the most beloved independent breweries and microbreweries. Those breweries include the following:

10K Brewing – Anoka
12welve Eyes Brewing – St Paul
56 Brewing – NE Minneapolis
612Brew – NE Minneapolis
Able Seedhouse + Brewery – NE Minneapolis
Bad Weather Brewing Company – St Paul
Bald Man Brewing – Eagan
Bang Brewing – St Paul
Bauhaus Brew Labs – NE Minneapolis
Bent Brewstillery – Roseville
Big Wood Brewery – White Bear Lake
Boom Island Brewing Company – NE Minneapolis
Burning Brothers Brewing – St Paul
East Lake Brewery & Tap Room – Minneapolis
ENKI Brewing – Victoria
Excelsior Brewing Company – Excelsior
Fair State Brewing Cooperative – NE Minneapolis
Flat Earth Brewing Company – St Paul
Fulton Brewery – Downtown Minneapolis
HammerHeart Brewing – Lino Lakes
Harriet Brewing – South Minneapolis
Insight Brewing – NE Minneapolis
Lake Monster Brewing – St Paul
Lakes & Legends Brewing Co – Downtown Minneapolis
Lift Bridge Beer Company – Stillwater
LynLake Brewing – South Minneapolis
Modist Brewing – Downtown Minneapolis
Omni Brewing – Maple Grove
Sidhe Brewing – St Paul
Sisyphus Brewing – Downtown Minneapolis
Sociable Cider Werks – NE Minneapolis
Steel Toe Brewing – St Louis Park
Surly Brewing Co – NE Minneapolis
Tin Wiskers Brewing – St Paul
Urban Growler – St Paul
Utepils Brewing – Downtown Minneapolis
Wicked Wort – Robbinsdale

At RRV, you can schedule a custom tour or select a pre-configured tour from RRV’s own repertoire. The Twin Cities local brewing scene is full of interesting characters and flavors. A limousine, trolley or coach bus tour of breweries is a great way to honor those unique characteristics of the region. Limo brewery tours have become increasingly popular as the craft brewing movement has become entrenched in the local and regional scene. Minnesota breweries in the Minneapolis area are great places to visit as well. They give you a scientific glimpse into the art of brewing – yes, it’s a science and an art.

Equally exciting are the areas vineyards and wineries, which provide a more laid back, elegant experience. It can even provide a romantic backdrop. Groups can schedule tours from RRV’s list of approved wine vineyards in the Twin Cities including the Northern Wine Trail, Southern Wine Trail, Western Wine Trail and Stillwater Wine Trail. Wineries include Chateau St Croix (St Croix Falls, WI), Dancing Dragonfly (St Croix Falls, WI), Wild Mountain Winery (Taylors Falls, MN) and Wine Haven (Chisago City); Hastings, Red Wing, Cannon Falls and Prescott; Waconia, Delano, Kimball and Buffalo; and St Croix Vineyards, Northern Vineyards, Domacin Wine Bar, & Luna Rossa Wine Bar respectively.

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Take a Twin Cities Wine or Brewery Tour

Posted on September 29, 2017 by Chad
Beer brewery tours mn

Take a Twin Cities Brewery Tour or Wine Tour with RRV

Twin Cities – Before winter rolls around this year you might be thinking of treating yourself to an upscale
exploration of the best wineries and breweries. Taking you through the winding river valleys in custom
comfort Renee’s Royal Valet has a full range of wine and brewery tours built into their service. The
packages include vineyards throughout Minnesota into Wisconsin and Illinois as well as microbreweries
throughout the area and any that you would like to add to your service.

Each experience is fully customizable. The wine packages are named after the areas they inhabit. The
Northern, Southern, Western, and Stillwater Wine Trails respectively. A great way to spend an evening
each tour typically takes about 4-6 hours and can be customized to fit your specific location and wine
tasting needs.

The Northern Wine Trail carries you through the Upper St. Croix River Valley and makes its stops at the
Chateau St. Croix, Dancing Dragonfly, Wild Mountain, and Wine Haven Vineyards, spanning a region
from Wisconsin to Illinois. The Southern Trail covers parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Western
Wine Trail allows you to visit local gems nearby in Waconia, Delano, Kimball, and Buffalo. The Stillwater
Wine Trail offers a combination of both vineyards and wine bars throughout the Stillwater area. Each
tour is a customizable experience, from the vehicle you choose down to the wine selection you will
receive at each stop. Easily accessible through an online template via the RRV website, or by simply
calling the customer service line and working out the details person to person.

The brewery tours that RRV provides are no different. As people all around the world have rediscovered
the rich diversity of flavors available in beer, Minnesotans have been at the forefront creating
interesting new combinations of flavors for the growing pallets of its inhabitants. This is evidenced by
the multitude of taprooms, breweries and brew pubs popping up all over the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
If you enjoy the bouquet of a premium micro lager as much as a crisp chardonnay there is a full range of
brewery tours exploring the ever expanding brew scene that’s thriving throughout the Twin Cities area.
The experience is completely customizable RRV provides a list of their favorite breweries on our website
as well as you being able to select your own. With just a click of a button at www.reneeslimousines.com
or a quick call to RRV specialists 763.551.1919) and you will be provided with a one of a kind luxury
brewery tour experience.

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Twin Cities Bachelorette Party Idea: Wine Tour in a Limousine

Posted on June 26, 2017 by Chad
Wine Tour Bachelorette Party Twin Cities

Northern Wine Trail

We previously wrote about bachelorette parties in our last post because we wanted to share the juicy details of the post we uncovered about themes doing some research about ideas. That led to some good insight on how you might be able to incorporate those themes into some of the packages we offer at RRV, such as the Twin Cities cocktail safari package, which includes signature drinks and custom private travel in a limousine at chic Minneapolis destinations.

At RRV, we make experiences every day. Let us make yours. We are experts in this field. A bachelorette party is a sacred ritual among the closest of souls that get together just before the ultimate chapter beginning in life for a young bride. The bachelorette party is a rite of womanhood and also a night of fun and intimacy. A wine tour is another great way to incorporate any sort of theme with gal pals.

You can choose between four different types of wine tour packages, available for closer glance on the RRV website. They are broken up by geography. In the Twin Cities metro, there are quadrants like North, South, East and West. This is exactly how the wine tours are broken up. You get private limousine travel included with the package that goes to the corresponding locations in the package that you choose.

You can also set your own itinerary and consult with RRV on how best to create your route and tour expectations. RRV are professionals in the limousine travel, tours and transportation industry. The expert staff can assist in many ways to help. Tours can last anywhere from three to six hours.

The packages include the Northern Wine Trail, Southern Wine Trail, Western Wine Trail and Stillwater Wine Trail. Each has vineyards that RRV coordinates with for your group wine tasting experience.

Northern Wine Trail

This tour covers the Upper St Croix River Valley. Destinations include Chateau St Croix (St Croix Falls, WI), Dancing Dragonfly (St Croix Falls, WI), Wild Mountain Winery (Taylors Falls, MN), & Wine Haven (Chisago City).

Southern Wine Trail

This tour includes both Minnesota and Wisconsin Vineyard destinations. The elegant limo stops at vineyards in Hastings, Red Wing, Cannon Falls and Prescott.

Western Wine Trail

This tour visits the top vineyards in two states. Our popular Lincoln Tour Car stretch limo will take your group to vineyards in Waconia, Delano, Kimball and Buffalo.

Stillwater Wine Trail

The Stillwater Wine Trail is a combination of vineyards and wine bars. It travels along the Stillwater area. Destinations include St Croix Vineyards, Northern Vineyards, Domacin Wine Bar, & Luna Rossa Wine Bar.


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Twin Cities Bachelorette Party Idea: Cocktail Safari in a Limousine

Posted on June 26, 2017 by Chad
Bachelorette Party Ideas: Twin Cities Cocktail Safari

Twin Cities Cocktail Safari

With our best intentions in mind, we searched Google for the term, “Bachelorette Party Ideas” and came up with the top result being a post entitled, “101 Bachelorette Party Ideas” (you can find the link below). Many, if not all or most, are simply themes that you can employ for your party, such as “Country Western” or “Naughty”. This is a great example of good fun for a Twin Cities bachelorette party idea but it can also be incorporated with great travel and transportation services for a safe ride home. See the link here.

In fact, one of their themes is a martini theme and that fits well with our Twin Cities Cocktail Safari package, which includes private reservations for your bachelorette party and limousine transportation to several locations including some of the most elegant and top-tier establishments throughout the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. This cosmopolitan bachelorette party idea is a great way to for soon-to-be brides to enjoy the evening with friends in any theme of their choosing in the nightlife of the Twin Cities cocktail crowd.

The cocktail safari is a service RRV offers as a package that is available on the RRV website. Check there for more details but here is a general breakdown of the safari.

Custom Transportation

You get custom pick-up and drop-off at locations throughout the Twin Cities. Your bachelorette party will move with class and style. Choose from the available limousines in the RRV fleet to accommodate your group travel plans for the cocktail safari. A professional chauffeur will navigate your group in your private limousine for the most exclusive of access and comfort.

Reserved Just For You

This professional limousine package for your bachelorette party also includes reservations so you don’t have to stand around waiting or be rejected altogether. No need for you to have to do anything. You don’t have to make your own reservations either. Just let RRV do all that for you and enjoy the night out with the ladies, moving from classy joint to another with comfort, class, style and enjoyment at your discretion.

The Palette

The custom private limo for your bachelorette party in the Twin Cities includes a menu that is a cocktail flight of three signature drinks. There are also appetizers to share among your group as well. All of the taxes and gratuities are included with the price of the package from RRV. Just enjoy yourselves. You get additional time in the limo just to be driven around in the city to end your marvelous experience of the Twin Cities cocktail safari.


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Limousine Wine Tour Ideas in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities

Posted on May 29, 2017 by Chad
Minneapolis Twin Cities Wine Tour and Limousine

Port Wine Photo by Jon Sullivan

MINNEAPOLIS — Get a limousine in Minneapolis for a weekend, or during the week for that matter, to take part in a wine tour in the Twin Cities of Minnesota to enjoy the company of your friends, family or co-workers and the great tastes of locally crafted wines. Local Minnesota wine combined with the perfect atmospheres of the quaint and intriguingly social vineyards near Minneapolis make for three great things: bachelorette parties, birthdays and anniversaries. Travel by elegant and comfortable (not to mention safe and sober) limousine driven by experienced award-winning professionals in the local area.

Bachelorette parties

There’s nothing like a good limousine to make for a great bachelorette party in Minneapolis or the surrounding Twin Cities area. Comfortable seating, onboard entertainment, plenty of room, a driver to take the stress out of managing traffic and driving altogether, not to mention the company of your best friends and lifelong sisterhood in some cases, limousines in Minneapolis can make your bachelorette party in the Twin Cities a memorable moment to cherish. Get closer to friends and make gossip. Eat sophisticated meals and relish the unforgettable moments of the vineyard, including conversation and great wine tasting on your RRV Twin Cities wine tour.


Twin Cities wine tours are also make great birthday party ideas, especially when done by limousine, coach bus, limo coach or trolley, all of which are available in the RRV fleet. Find wine tour packages in the Twin Cities on the RRV website. Check the itinerary of our Minneapolis tours of wine vineyards in Minnesota, all in the twin cities metro region. RRV can consult with you on a birthday party package that includes stops at some of the best wine grape vineyards the Minneapolis area has to offer. Booking is based on availability so make sure we have the transportation to offer travel for your guests to make an unforgettable birthday party. Get a birthday party limo, coach bus or trolley in Minneapolis and make the most of it with a tour.


Anniversaries are milestones. How do you properly celebrate a milestone? Get a twin cities limo to take you on an elegant wine tour. Whether it is a work anniversary, community or organization that has achieved a goal or a relationship such as boyfriend-girlfriend or married couple, a tour like this will be the perfect way to make the moment special and appreciated. Wine tours are perfect for romantic outings in the twin cities as well and a premium rated Minneapolis wedding and anniversary limousine service like RRV can bring it to life for you and your partner.

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Minneapolis Trolleys are Perfect Rides for Twin Cities St. Patrick’s Day Events

Posted on March 15, 2017 by Chad
Minneapolis Trolley Service

Minneapolis Trolleys are Green, Perfect Style for St. Patrick’s Day Events in the Twin Cities.

MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL — It’s that time of the year when green is in fashion and everyone is Irish no matter their ethnic or national origins: St Patrick’s Day is around the corner! Ironically, we have a number of green trolleys, which are an excellent option for safe, reliable, fun and festive transportation for any number of the local =Twin Cities St. Paddy’s Day parades or other events.

The Perfect Party on Wheels

Have you ever seen one of the street cars that travel throughout San Francisco? These old time railway cars are still in use in their city. The old “cable cars” as they were called back in the day, were more like trains and were powered by electric cable. Our version of the classic street car obviously doesn’t run on electric cables (and what for when we have the light rail, right?), but are drive train powered. We have several street car trolleys in our Minneapolis fleet. They make for a great party on wheels at events in the Twin Cities because they provide for such an open yet intimate environment conducive to social activity.

The Perfect Sober Cab Event Transportation

RRV has been providing local residents in the area with safe and reliable transportation for many years, since the early 1990s to be precise. In addition to our limousines, coaches (coach buses) and limo coaches, we also have the retro trolley fleet. We just love pulling these machines out of the garage. They are so fun and interesting. They are well known among locals as well. If you plan on drinking and having a good time for St. Patrick’s Day in the Minneapolis or St. Paul metro area, you should plan to have a designated driver or sober cab. The trolleys are a great way to get from one place to another without driving and risking death, injury and jail time.

Event Organizers and Transportation Coordinators

Are you involved in the event planning or transportation planning process for a local St. Paddy’s Day parade or other type of event in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area? We are an established top rated transportation provider in the Twin Cities with more than two decades of experience. We stress quality, safety and experience. If you are looking for event transportation and need to coordinate the planning of event travel on premises, off premises or to/from premises, please talk to the staff at RRV to see what kind of arrangements we can customize to accommodate your specific needs for St. Patrick’s Day in the Minneapolis area of Minnesota. Read more below about our company to see what we are the best choice for event transportation in the region.

About RRV

RRV is a premiere travel and transport company providing limousine, coach, limo coach and trolley services for businesses and individuals in Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area. We have won numerous awards from reputable websites, magazines and other publications/organizations and have worked with a great deal of local vendors in the event and wedding industries so our reputation is verifiable and we stand by it. Call us for more information.


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Christmas Lights in Minneapolis, MN

Posted on December 13, 2016 by Chad


TWIN CITIES—Limousines, coaches and trolleys in Minneapolis and St. Paul taking tours of the Christmas lights for the holidays are a special occasion, so here is a poem to highlight our special service to you:

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the streets, were limousines and coaches from Renee’s Royal fleet.

Stockings were hung on limousine windows with care, in hopes that the driver will bring us all there.

The children were putting their face to the glass, while visions of Christmas lights flashed while we passed.

And mamma smiled at papa during holiday tour, Minneapolis lights in neighborhoods are a holiday cure.

When out on the lawn there arose such a light, we sprang from leather seats in delight.

Up against the window I flew in a flash, to see the commotion of Christmas lights while it all lasts.

The moon shone across ten feet of snow, our driver carefully navigates through the neighborhood show.

When out on the lawn of a home should appear, a lighted installation of dancing reindeer.

With a little old driver, so lively and quick, a limousine more modern than old St Nick.

More rapid than eagles from highway 169, our limo was en route to a holiday tour in no time!

“Now, coach! Now limo! Now trolleys we’ll ride! On to what winter festivities provide!”

“To the homes and installations across cities and towns! Now dash away to make the rounds!”

The poem was inspired by a very popular poem by Clement Clark Moore called “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and it goes on for several more stanzas. This poem’s stanzas were also written quite differently. Clement wrote the poem in the 1800s.

Come find out why the twin cities is such a great city to explore during the magical winters here in Minnesota. It really is a winter wonderland, with all of the most beautiful holiday light installations with many different types of characters and scenes set up, from nativity to Disney characters and more. Affluent homeowners, organizations and purely creative people contribute to make the most beautiful installations you have ever seen.

Our company provides transportation services to create custom light tours for the whole family or other groups seeking a holiday get-together or activity. It is a great experience. Our fleet includes several types of limousines, trolleys and coach buses. So depending on your particular need, you can arrange to have one or more groups travel in a number of vehicles. Visit the website to learn more about the various options available for holiday light tours in Minneapolis and surrounding area.

-Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches and Trolleys

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Minneapolis, MN Christmas Party Transportation Ideas

Posted on November 30, 2016 by Chad
work holiday party ideas for transportation

Use transportation for your work holiday party in Minneapolis

TWIN CITIES — If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, you might be looking for some ways to unwind this Christmas and New Years holiday, whether it’s a holiday with friends, co-workers or family members. There are some great ways to incorporate transportation in your holiday party plans, or you could use the transportation as the party. See more ideas below.

Holiday Party Bus

Many work, Christmas and New Years parties take place on something people refer to as a “party bus”. We don’t offer that but we do offer coach buses with professional drivers that are a great for get-togethers during the holidays. Your work party can use a coach, limo or coach limo stocked with beverages and complete with the most comfortable seating, excellent lighting and fun onboard entertainment options. These are wonderful options for work holiday parties. We have many types of limousines, coach buses and trolleys in our fleet. Call for more details.

Safe Transportation for Your Event

You might already have a holiday Christmas/New Years party scheduled at a local Minneapolis area establishment but you are concerned about the safety of your guests and employees. Get safe and reliable transportation to ease your mind. You might also need shuttles from one drop off location to another main location. We can help you plan and coordinate such a scenario with a custom plan for event transport using the available vehicles from our fleet (or you could make a request).

Holiday Lights Tours

During the months of November and December, you can also schedule a holiday lights tour to see the Christmas lights in the Twin Cities this year. There are many great local Christmas light setups that are amazing visually. Our drivers have the skinny on all the local highlights in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

Brewery or Winery Tours

Another great work, family or friendly get-together idea for the holiday that incorporates a professional transportation service is a tour of a brewery or winery. RRV has a number of options available in the twin cities that feature the best of local craft beer brewing and wine-making. They all feature their own local niche, whether it incorporates a special theme or have great dining or tasting options. See the RRV site for more on brewery/winery tours in Minneapolis.

-Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches and Trolleys

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