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New Years Party Ideas in Minneapolis for 2018

Posted on December 31, 2017 by Chad

Are you looking for an excellent set of ideas for things to do during New Years in Minneapolis in 2018? New Years Eve and New Years Day/Night are prime time for many parties, activities and festivities in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area coming up for 2018. Also, many are greatly anticipating the Superbowl to be played in the city as well.

There are many ways to party in Minneapolis this New Years in 2018. There are a whole lot of bar and restaurants that will be open to cater to party-goers this New Years. Take a look around some of the open Twin Cities bars and restaurants that are holding specials during the holiday this year. Bring your significant other, family members or your closest and dearest friends. The temperatures are going to be very cold, so a reliable transportation arrangement can be vital (it could even save your life!).

  1. Gotham New Years Eve Party in Minneapolis

The Gotham New Years Eve Party is taking place at Union Rooftop Bar & Grill in Minneapolis. Many party-goers will be attending this once-a-year extravaganza in the Twin Cities metro area. Get a limousine for your Minneapolis area party and stay out of the cold during your party travel.

2. Calhoun Beach Club Party

There is also a party going on at the Calhoun Beach Club in the Minneapolis area. It will be taking place at the event center, according to local media and advertising posted around. The Uptown Minneapolis party will feature numerous DJs and dance music for party attendees. Get an RRV limo or SUV limo for you and your friends going to this action packed party.

3. 2018 Crystal Ball NYE Downtown

This New Year’s Eve in Minneapolis features the Crystal Ball at International Market Square near Downtown Minneapolis. This will be their 14th year and among the largest New Year’s Eve events in the USA. Expected attendance is around 3,000 people. There will be DJs and Go-Go Dancers, according to local advertising for the event. It will take place in¬†International Market Square.¬† Stay warm in an elegant limo, coach or streetcar trolley from RRV. Call us now to get picked up!


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New Years Party Ideas St. Paul in 2018

Posted on December 31, 2017 by Chad

There are a number of awesome places to be this year in St. Paul to ring in the New Year. Go in style and trust a professional and reliable transportation provider like RRV, who can help bring the night to the next level with limos, coaches and trolleys for traveling in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2018 for the New Year. So where to party for New Years this year in St. Paul? We have compiled a quick list:

1. Street car trolley bar tour

Call RRV to get a tour of open available bars during the New Year this year in 2018 in St. Paul. Street car style trolley transportation can be a fun way to celebrate the New Year if still available. Of course, you can always plan for next year too!

2. Eagle Street Grille or Bar Brigade

According to really reliable information, these two places might just be where the party is at in St. Paul this year in the Twin Cities. If you are looking for a good time, try swinging by these wonderful establishments in the city of St. Paul this New Years 2018.

3. Limo ride through Minneapolis

Then again, this year it seems like all the action is really going on in Minneapolis, so you might just want to get a limo from RRV and head west into the city of Minneapolis to get the party started. Check out our previous blog post about the parties taking place in Minneapolis this year for the New Years Eve in Minneapolis parties. The ones in Uptown and Downtown are being talked about quite a bit this year.

4. Get together with your family

You might want to just stay in for the holiday and just take time to spend with those most special to you: your closest friends and family. If you are thinking about post NYE, then check out some of the awesome tours available from RRV, but just chill out and relax and get the most you can from the special time you have with your loved ones this year for the New Year.

RRV provides limos, trolleys and coach bus transportation services in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding metro area.

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Minneapolis St. Paul Holiday Lights Tours in Limo or Trolley

Posted on December 10, 2017 by Chad
Christmas Lights Tour Minneapolis

Christmas lights and a nativity scene in the front yard of a house in the Victory neighborhood of North Minneapolis. Photo by Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Wikimedia Commons Image

Take a holiday lights to her with your family your friends or a bunch of co-workers to get the nice holiday this season. RRV offers numerous options for transportation in the Twin Cities packages, is our Holiday Lights tour in the Minneapolis and st. Paul area. Get Started with a package today before the holiday season is over. Holiday light stores a great Christmas gift too. So if you’re looking to give that special someone friends or coworkers a gift for the holiday season, then this would be a perfect fit. Visit our Website to learn more about our holiday season transportation and limousine packages in the Twin Cities.

Most of us have family visiting family during the holidays. Christmas and the new year, not to mention Thanksgiving, are important not only to our American culture but also to several families in the United States, especially right here in Minnesota. However, it isn’t just Christmas that we should be thinking about either. Holidays like Kwanzaa, Ramadan and Hanukkah are important too and we offer are transportation services to all. Anyone who is interested can look at all of the lights on display as part of our holiday lights tour right here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. In Minnesota, particularly the Minneapolis and st. Paul area, our limousine tours are next to none.

Reserve your’s quickly before the holiday season is over and people start taking their lights and decorations down for the season. They are beautiful and a wonderful attraction during the winter season in Minnesota.

Our helpful experts can get you set up with a package. All you have to do is call and talk to one of our transportation consultants, who are to take your call. We have been in the Local transportation business in the Twin Cities for a long time. We have been featured in several publications and we work with several vendors in the wedding business. We know how to care for our customers.
Our Fleet includes limousines, trolleys and coach transportation the holiday lights tour in the Twin Cities.

Choose a package or create your own by working with our local Minneapolis limo company. Get a Holiday Lights tour set up this year before time runs out.

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