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Take a Twin Cities Wine or Brewery Tour

Posted on September 29, 2017 by Chad
Beer brewery tours mn

Take a Twin Cities Brewery Tour or Wine Tour with RRV

Twin Cities – Before winter rolls around this year you might be thinking of treating yourself to an upscale
exploration of the best wineries and breweries. Taking you through the winding river valleys in custom
comfort Renee’s Royal Valet has a full range of wine and brewery tours built into their service. The
packages include vineyards throughout Minnesota into Wisconsin and Illinois as well as microbreweries
throughout the area and any that you would like to add to your service.

Each experience is fully customizable. The wine packages are named after the areas they inhabit. The
Northern, Southern, Western, and Stillwater Wine Trails respectively. A great way to spend an evening
each tour typically takes about 4-6 hours and can be customized to fit your specific location and wine
tasting needs.

The Northern Wine Trail carries you through the Upper St. Croix River Valley and makes its stops at the
Chateau St. Croix, Dancing Dragonfly, Wild Mountain, and Wine Haven Vineyards, spanning a region
from Wisconsin to Illinois. The Southern Trail covers parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Western
Wine Trail allows you to visit local gems nearby in Waconia, Delano, Kimball, and Buffalo. The Stillwater
Wine Trail offers a combination of both vineyards and wine bars throughout the Stillwater area. Each
tour is a customizable experience, from the vehicle you choose down to the wine selection you will
receive at each stop. Easily accessible through an online template via the RRV website, or by simply
calling the customer service line and working out the details person to person.

The brewery tours that RRV provides are no different. As people all around the world have rediscovered
the rich diversity of flavors available in beer, Minnesotans have been at the forefront creating
interesting new combinations of flavors for the growing pallets of its inhabitants. This is evidenced by
the multitude of taprooms, breweries and brew pubs popping up all over the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
If you enjoy the bouquet of a premium micro lager as much as a crisp chardonnay there is a full range of
brewery tours exploring the ever expanding brew scene that’s thriving throughout the Twin Cities area.
The experience is completely customizable RRV provides a list of their favorite breweries on our website
as well as you being able to select your own. With just a click of a button at www.reneeslimousines.com
or a quick call to RRV specialists 763.551.1919) and you will be provided with a one of a kind luxury
brewery tour experience.

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Award-Winning Wedding Limos in Minneapolis

Posted on September 29, 2017 by Chad
Minneapolis St. Paul Wedding Limos

Twin Cities Wedding Limousines – Minneapolis, St. Paul, Suburbs

Minneapolis – Renee’s Royal Valet has specialized in weddings for over 25 years. Throughout that time
RRV has received numerous awards for their attention to detail, the quality of their service, and the
quality and selection of their award winning fleet.

The goal of owners Chad and Angelique Peterson has always been to leave a lasting impression on their
clients. Founded on excellent vehicle selection and the service of well trained staff throughout the
company the experience provided by RRV has been highly recognized throughout the wedding
community by professional event planners and clientele alike throughout their entire tenure.

Winner of the Minnesota Bride Awards for the past 12 years running RRV typifies exemplary service.
With a diverse fleet of vehicles that range from luxury sedans to 56 passenger coach buses and trolleys,
the selection of RRV is hard to beat. The exact needs and feel of any event can be planned to anyone’s
exacting standards for any occasion. Meeting the needs of the customer is the primary driver behind
any business and RRV makes it a point to be the best. Prompt, friendly, professional engagement is the
hallmark of any good service provider.

All of Renee’s Royal Valet vehicles are housed in inside of a private showroom and detailed after every
reservation. Each vehicle is custom built to provide an extra level of detail and comfort that is
appreciated by a discerning clientele. The limos, coaches and trolleys at RRV are repeatedly voted “Best
Transportation” by the readers of bridal magazines throughout the area as well as professional event
planners. That’s why Renee’s Royal Valet has won the Minneapolis/St. Paul magazine Diamond Award
for the past five years.

What comes with the limousine is also the service. RRV chauffeurs are as professional and immaculate
as the vehicles that they are proud to drive. RRV was also the recipient of the Angie’s List Service Award
in 2016 showing that customer the high level of customer service and quality of the fleet itself has
continued to be highly regarded in the area for almost three decades. The customer service from
beginning, middle, to end is custom built to provide each customer with an experience that is as fun and
stress free as possible while providing the necessary touches of luxury and elegance to your big event.
To schedule your next event you can either call in (763.551.1919) or the visit the website at

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Local Trolley Service in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Posted on September 29, 2017 by Chad
Minneapolis Trolley

Twin Cities Trolley

Twin Cities – Replicas of the San Francisco cable cars that were first built in the 1870’s, RRV’s version of the trolley has had custom upgrades and amenities added to the classic favorite to create a fun, comfortable, and elegant experience for your next event.

First of all, there are no cables! Each Trolley is a stand-alone 22-30 passenger vehicle capable of taking
you anywhere for any occasion. Tour the River Valley’s in style for a wine tasting or visit your local pubs
with a few dozen of your friends or use a trolley if your wedding party is just too big to fit into a
standard limousine, but too formal for a bus. Or if you just want to make a stylish entrance.

The Trolley is a fun way to accent any evening with more than a little bit of classical style.
An enduring symbol of old world charm the original trolleys were first opened to the public in

1873 to fill the need for a safe efficient form of transportation. Set in bustling cityscape with a booming population the trolley became not just another mode of transportation but a staple of daily life for the City goers of San Francisco as much a part of the city as the destinations it carried its customers to. At one point 23 lines were created between 1873 and 1890. Due to the rise of the electric car, buses, and the
automobile by 1944 they were reduced to 2 single lines as a memento of an error predating the
automobile. To this day the remaining San Francisco trolleys are a symbol of civic ingenuity and public
minded integrity, a form of transportation that transcends mundanity and harkens back to a bygone
aesthetic. They are considered national treasures and are one of only two mobile national monuments
in the country.

Providing the authentic styling of a San Francisco trolley with all of the modern accoutrements Renee’s
Royal Valet has is offering the closest and the next best thing to traveling all the way to San Francisco.
Each trolley constructed with impeccable detail and is fitted with full climate control, authentic brass
railings and bells, a new stereo system with iPod adaptor, and a PA system, as well as your very own
“conductor” to use it.

To reserve a trolley in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for your next special event you are just a few clicks
away @ www.reneeslimousines.com or contact RRV’s friendly customer service professionals @

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The Perfect Bachelor Party in Minneapolis or St. Paul

Posted on September 18, 2017 by Chad
Bachelor Party

Photo by Derek Springer; Wikimedia/Flickr Creative Commons Image

TWIN CITIES – The Minneapolis/St. Paul area has to be the number one destination for bachelor parties in Minnesota. The Twin cities are a hub for sports, culture, and entertainment. The perfect place for a bachelor party. There are different avenues you can take when planning for your last night out as a “free man”. There’s the traditional style booze festivities that involve a cadre of your closest companions and a definitively enforced code of misconduct. Usually this involves your favorite hard liquor or beer; you and your best friends hitting every bar, dance, and gentleman’s club under the night sky. Preferably all this loving mayhem is ushered into its final farewell to debauchery in a suitably stated (under or otherwise) stretch limo that pumps out your favorite tunes in-between hot late night spots. The point of this night is you and your friends, holding onto each other, letting go of inhibitions and just having fun pretending to be the people you thought you wanted to be before you grew up and realized just one more night was probably enough!

You can go that route, sure. The limo will get you where you need to go and the hotel after party will be just as sweet as any bromance flick as the inebriated version of yourselves express undying love and friendship. But, there are other ways!

If you’ve already been there done that or just don’t have the urge you could do some fine tune adulating instead. You and your bros could go to wine tastings and have tapas, peruse a pop up art show, or go to a late showing at the Guthrie Theater. Cognac and cigars vs. Vodka and Red Bull, whatever floats your boat.

Then there’s the sporty style. You can go high adrenalin or low key but this style of bachelor party involves movement, getting the blood pumping a little. Activities will range from golf and skeet shooting to late night drag races and sky diving.

Over the years I’ve been to my fair share of Bachelor parties and my favorites are the ones that incorporate a little bit of everything. A good bachelor party is a lot like a good marriage – it should be both comforting and a little challenging. But mostly it’s a way to spend more time with the people that you love the most. Why not grab that limo and head into wine country for a bit, then hit the golf course, go for a round of paintball, then hit the clubs, hit your stride, and then eventually hit a groomsman for hitting on your ex twelve years ago…it’s your guys’s night!

Whatever you want to do, whatever style you choose, be safe and stylish with a limo from RRV. RRV will not only get you there but also can help you plan the perfect bachelor party. Just call us 763.551.1919 or book online at http://www.reneeslimousines.com/

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