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Twin Cities: Limousines, Trolleys and Coaches in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Posted on August 29, 2017 by Chad

MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL – If you didn’t get a chance to read our last RRV blog post on upcoming events in the Twin Cities in September 2017, be sure to check it out. The links on those pages will navigate you to even further reading about the upcoming events. RRV provides limousines, coach buses, trolleys and transportation for local events in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area, so continue reading if you are interested in more information about event transportation.

Twin Cities Limos

Get a limousine in the twin cities from RRV. In addition to limos for Minneapolis area events, we offer travel to and from the MSP International airport, corporate travel for business accounts, wedding limousines (for which we have been recognized by numerous local vendors, publishers and others as an award winning wedding transportation provider), anniversaries, tours (such as breweries/wineries) and much more. Our limousine fleet includes stretch passenger car and sport utility vehicle (SUV) limos such as beautiful Lincolns, Hummers, Excursions, etc. The limos provided offer great seating with exceptional comfort as well as music and visual entertainment inside. Have drinks with your fellow passengers and ride in elegance and style.

Twin Cities Coaches

Our fleet also contains a number of coach travel options. These coach buses are great for groups and multiple passengers taking tours or heading to an event. They are also great for coordinating shuttle travel and custom transportation options in the twin cities. They can even be used at events and for airport travel with groups of passengers.

The coaches are excellent because they provide the same level of comfort as our elegant and stylish Twin Cities fleet of limousines but accommodates group travel more efficiently. There are still the same options for sound and television as well. RRV has been providing coach and limo coach travel for many years. Check the RRV website to learn more about the entire fleet and range of options for coach bus travel in the Twin Cities metro area.

Twin Cities Trolleys

The old school street car style trolleys that we have in our fleet are some of the most interesting and sought after reservations that we offer. They can be used for onsite transportation at events as well as traveling in the Minneapolis area with your family, friends or co-workers. There are numerous ways to utilize the trolley and have a custom experience among your peers or closest of kin.

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Upcoming Minneapolis Area Events: September 2017

Posted on August 29, 2017 by Chad

MINNEAPOLIS – Find great local Twin Cities events for the month of September in 2017. We curated some of the most interesting events we could find from a variety of local sources on the Internet to provide you with an update on events in the Minneapolis area this upcoming month. There are plenty of great happenings in Minnesota to look out for and we have all the great transportation options in our custom fleet to make your Tour de Twin Cities all the more memorable.

See Garrison Keillor, who is set to turn 75 this year, at the Minnesota State Fair! He will host his famous broadcast variety show.

If shopping is your thing, don’t miss out on this one of a kind sale in the twin cities.  more


Sep 1, 2017 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

The Switch Sale


Showroom is hosting their bi-annual Switch Sale for the end of the summer. Learn more.


Sep 1, 2017 7:45 PM

Minnesota fans of great music can enjoy four days of this great event. Battle of the Bands at Prince’s famous Paisley Park. more

Enjoy country music hits and culture from some of the most influential characters in the genre. Learn more

Gridiiron Glory: The Best of the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Minnesota Historical Center
Sept. 24 through Jan. 15

Learn about the history of the gridiron. This is a traveling exhibit and is produced by the Pro Football Hall of Fame. There will be more than 200 rare pro football artifacts and photos, as well as audio-visual exhibits.


A Different Way of Seeing
American Swedish Institute
Aug. 27 through Oct. 30

“A Different Way of Seeing spans more than a century of distinctively Swedish art from 1877 to 1990, highlighting paintings, mixed media and additional works from artists including modernists Lena Cronqvist and Sven ‘X-et’ Erixson. These and other artists paved the way for the groundswell of talent coming out of the Nordic region today. Many had studied in Paris and returned with new skills and avant-garde ideas that fired a commitment to renew Swedish art.  The exhibition is on loan from the acclaimed Sam and Ann Charters Collection of Swedish Art housed at the Augustana Teaching Museum of Art at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, with support from Julie Hohman.”



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Minneapolis Limousines for Your Next Big Event

Posted on August 22, 2017 by Chad

TWIN CITIES – Whatever your next big event is RRV has you covered. Our fleet of custom limousines can handle any of your needs. From luxury sedans to 56 passenger coach buses we can handle any event of any shape or size. Whether it is a night out on the town with friends or the big opening night we have the means to get you there in style with a personalized one of a kind experience meant to elevate your big day into something truly amazing.


Life is about options, our award winning business has been providing custom built limousines here in Minneapolis since 1992. Over that time we’ve learned that what’s really important is providing you with the vehicles and service that you need and enjoy and that we hope will ultimately exceed the expectations of both you and your guests. We have small luxury sedans, 10 to 14 passenger limousines, coach buses that seat up to 56, and even trolley cars if you’re looking for a unique open air experience. Maybe you’re just looking to enjoy comfortable luxury car service with a professional chauffeur for a dinner date or important lunch. Maybe today’s the day of dreams and you’re riding away in the back seat of one of our white stretch limousines, finally in the arms of the person you plan on spending the rest of your life with. Our award winning customer service will help you with whatever it is to make sure that our options get you to your vision in comfort and style.

Style isn’t everything; it’s the only thing…

Wherever you’re going we know that how you get there can be just as important. Your next big event isn’t just another event, it’s your life. It’s a moment that will stay with you forever. It’s who you are. Before you step into the club, hit the tarmac, or walk down the red carpet or flower strewn aisle, you’ll already be ahead of the game because you’ll first be stepping out of a limousine provided by us. We have ben happy to provide limousine and coiffeur services for wine and brewery tours, proms, weddings, nights out on the town, birthdays, graduations, and bachelor and bachelorette parties in the Twin Cities area for 25 years. We love the opportunity to turn any night into your night!

It’s your event, your life, and we’re here to help you get there. Call RRV to start a free consultation.

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Customize Your Minneapolis Limousine Experience

Posted on August 12, 2017 by Chad
TWIN CITIES — RRV offers custom limousines in Minneapolis for your next party, event, wedding, business trip or other type of transportation in the Twin Cities area. Get just the right kind of limo to suit your needs at RRV by consulting with one of our transportation experts who can guide you through the process over the telephone. Also, don’t forget to check the RRV website for more information about our fleet and what type of options are available throughout the four seasons here in Minnesota.
Select the type of limousine
We have a great many options within our local Minneapolis fleet to choose from. Our fleet options are available online through our website, and if you go there and check it out you will see a number of different types of limousines that we can provide based on your particular transportation needs or wants. We have sport utility vehicles (SUVs) within our fleet that are stretched to the max to provide the best in comfort, elegance and style. Think Lincoln n Navigator or Hummer. Lincoln Towncars and Continentals are also very popular and we do have Lincoln stretch limos available in the Twin Cities. They have been used for birthday parties, bah mitzvahs, anniversaries, weddings and other types of events. They are also perfect for business travel.
Riding in style
There is no doubt that riding in a limousine commands excellence, elegance and a dash of style. Tell us about the theme of your party or event and we can help get you a matching limousine from our fleet to make sure that your style options are consistent with your vision. The transportation experts at  RRV can help you select the right choice based on current availability or future plans that you may have.
Creating the experience
We have been creating wonderful memories for many years. We often say we are in the business of love and the business of caring and we try to inject that in everything that we do because we know that a wonderful and memorable customer experience can never be replaced and that is the solid foundation of our limo business in Minneapolis. Therefore, we will do everything that we can to help you make sure that you create a wonderful experience for your guests, family, friends or other passengers.
Other options
The great thing about RRV is that it is a diverse business with many options for transportation in the Twin Cities. Consider our coach buses, limo coaches or even our street car style trolleys for your next event or for general transportation needs in the local area. Call us to discuss all of these options and more. The helpful staff at our RV will try to help you select a package that fits your budget and your vision.

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