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Getting Hitched in Minneapolis and Need a Limo, Trolley or Coach Bus?

Posted on March 31, 2017 by Chad
Minneapolis Transportation for Weddings

MSP Airport Photo by Tony Webster, Portland, OR.

Are you getting married soon? Do you live in Minneapolis, St. Paul or the surrounding metropolitan region? RRV is helping brides and grooms across the state with their transportation plans this spring and summer wedding season. We are a premium Twin Cities wedding limo provider.


We have a number of wedding limousine options within our fleet. Call our experts in local wedding transportation and travel today to get a good sense of what is currently available in our fleet for couples getting married in 2017 in Minnesota.

We have a number of sport utility vehicle (SUV) styles that have been very popular with some couples in Minnesota. Roll through the Minneapolis area in style with one of these stretch SUV limousines. We have Hummers, Excursions and other limo styles in various colors to choose from to match the theme of your wedding (see our last post about theme coordination).

We also have a number of regular passenger car stretch limos for couples getting married. This includes the classic luxury brand of Lincoln, which remains a most popular and in-demand style for wedding limousines. Get white or black. Enjoy the elegance of the experience.

Trolley Street Cars

People constantly ask about renting one of our trolleys for their weddings. They are very festive and provide a great experience for all of the guests, including your closest friends and family members attending your special party to celebrate the love the two of you share together. Trolleys are among the most searched for transportation vehicles in our fleet. They can also match many retro or festive themes put together for weddings by your wedding planner (we work with many of the local planners in the Minneapolis, MN area).

Coach Bus Transportation for Weddings

If you need to haul groups of people or need mass transit from the airport at MSP, then you might want to consider getting some coach travel options from RRV. They work great for transport and shuttle of multiple passengers within the city.

We also have something called limo coaches. Ask about the various options for guest travel in addition to your wedding limos.


Availability can be limited the further into the warmer months as we get closer to summer in Minnesota. Book your twin cities travel options for your wedding or honeymoon before it’s too late!

-Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches & Trolleys

Premium Wedding Transportation Provider of the Twin Cities

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Twin Cities Area Wedding Transportation and Travel Planning This Spring

Posted on March 28, 2017 by Chad

MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL METRO AREA — So you have gone to the world wide web in search of the ways to prepare for your Twin Cities area wedding transportation and travel plans. Travel planning and wedding transportation planning can seem easy, but if managing other tasks it can get complicated real quick.

Think about it for just a moment. First, you need to identify the theme of the wedding and you need to identify a budget. This process likely goes through several iterations and changes throughout the planning process as well, but your budget will likely be what it is and there is no changing that. Then you have to consider all the decor, flowers, dress/attire for the groomsmen and bridesmaids and coordinate invitations for all the guests you want to attend your special day. You might even have someone, like a professional wedding planner or even one of your own family members or friends, helping out to get all the details right.

RRV works with you to help with the coordination of custom travel and transportation packages. We have custom wedding limos, wedding trolleys and coach bus travel for your guests just to name a few of your options. But your custom transportation planning goes further than just the limousines and other vehicles in our fleet. You want to know how many guests you need to serve. Do you have to pick guests up at the airport? Do you need a shuttle service? What about onsite transportation at your wedding (our trolleys are just the right type of option for this)?

Don’t wait until the last minute for any of your wedding planning, especially transportation. Wedding limousine providers like ours in the Minneapolis/Twin Cities area need to know details in advance and we can’t guarantee availability if you don’t schedule it out a ways. That is why we are making sure to spread the awareness as much as possible about our limos, coaches and trolleys in the metro area because we don’t want to disappoint any of the beautiful couples out there that are eager to see their wedding night go off without a hitch.

We like to think we are in the business of helping those couples make special memories so we take our customer service to the next level to provide the best possible experience for couples getting married in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. We have been doing this particular gig since the early 1990s so we have some skin in the game you could say. Call us to get started on your wedding travel plans today!

-Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches & Trolleys

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Minneapolis, MN Wedding Limousines: Theme of Decor and Attire

Posted on March 26, 2017 by Chad

Twin Cities wedding vendors trust us to work with them on pertinent and important details that are important for the overall theme and experience of the wedding so it all goes off without a hitch. That often means coordinating many different aspects of the wedding. That includes elements that can help bring everything together perfectly, such as transportation, decor (interior/exterior) and attire.

Make sure to read more about our limousine fleet on our website. The RRV fleet consists of many types of transportation including retro trolleys and sleek, luxurious and elegant wedding limos. We also have a variety of limo coaches available. Lastly, we have coach travel options for your guests, for shuttle/airport travel and other purposes that involve moving around many groups of people at or to/from your wedding.


What is the theme of your wedding? If you have custom planning involved in the theme of your wedding, whether on your own or through a professional wedding planner in the Twin Cities, then consider the transportation options as well. Make your guest and wedding experience the most true to theme as possible by coordinating with our experts in wedding travel and transportation. Whether it’s color, style or some other format to consider, we may have something that blends well with the overall theme of the wedding.


Part of a theme for your special romantic day often involves planning the interior and/or exterior decorating for the party, ceremony, etc. Spring and summer weddings in Minnesota are often themed with bright colors and flowers, but many couples and/or planners often opt in to certain themes (even those that are dark like goth/noir). One popular theme for weddings is the Roaring 20s/30s era style. Retro style trolleys might fit well with that theme for onsite transportation. White weddings can include all white limos. We also have a variety of dark and black limousine options to choose from, not to mention SUVs for some more adventurous themes.


Attire is obviously an important part of theme planning for your Minneapolis/St. Paul area wedding. Transportation options may also be considered to blend with the dress code, but the important thing is that you are satisfied with the experience and how all the pieces of your wedding, including the travel planning, fit together.


This one word says it all when it comes to wedding themes in Minnesota. Coordinate, coordinate, coordinate! Get in touch with RRV to plan the travel options for your wedding.

-Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches & Trolleys

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Minneapolis Trolleys are Perfect Rides for Twin Cities St. Patrick’s Day Events

Posted on March 15, 2017 by Chad
Minneapolis Trolley Service

Minneapolis Trolleys are Green, Perfect Style for St. Patrick’s Day Events in the Twin Cities.

MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL — It’s that time of the year when green is in fashion and everyone is Irish no matter their ethnic or national origins: St Patrick’s Day is around the corner! Ironically, we have a number of green trolleys, which are an excellent option for safe, reliable, fun and festive transportation for any number of the local =Twin Cities St. Paddy’s Day parades or other events.

The Perfect Party on Wheels

Have you ever seen one of the street cars that travel throughout San Francisco? These old time railway cars are still in use in their city. The old “cable cars” as they were called back in the day, were more like trains and were powered by electric cable. Our version of the classic street car obviously doesn’t run on electric cables (and what for when we have the light rail, right?), but are drive train powered. We have several street car trolleys in our Minneapolis fleet. They make for a great party on wheels at events in the Twin Cities because they provide for such an open yet intimate environment conducive to social activity.

The Perfect Sober Cab Event Transportation

RRV has been providing local residents in the area with safe and reliable transportation for many years, since the early 1990s to be precise. In addition to our limousines, coaches (coach buses) and limo coaches, we also have the retro trolley fleet. We just love pulling these machines out of the garage. They are so fun and interesting. They are well known among locals as well. If you plan on drinking and having a good time for St. Patrick’s Day in the Minneapolis or St. Paul metro area, you should plan to have a designated driver or sober cab. The trolleys are a great way to get from one place to another without driving and risking death, injury and jail time.

Event Organizers and Transportation Coordinators

Are you involved in the event planning or transportation planning process for a local St. Paddy’s Day parade or other type of event in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area? We are an established top rated transportation provider in the Twin Cities with more than two decades of experience. We stress quality, safety and experience. If you are looking for event transportation and need to coordinate the planning of event travel on premises, off premises or to/from premises, please talk to the staff at RRV to see what kind of arrangements we can customize to accommodate your specific needs for St. Patrick’s Day in the Minneapolis area of Minnesota. Read more below about our company to see what we are the best choice for event transportation in the region.

About RRV

RRV is a premiere travel and transport company providing limousine, coach, limo coach and trolley services for businesses and individuals in Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area. We have won numerous awards from reputable websites, magazines and other publications/organizations and have worked with a great deal of local vendors in the event and wedding industries so our reputation is verifiable and we stand by it. Call us for more information.


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