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Twin Cities Romantic Valentines Day Ideas: Intimate Limousine Ride

Posted on January 26, 2017 by Chad


Valentines Day Minneapolis, MN Limo Ride

Valentines Day is the holiday of love. Photo by See-ming Lee from Hong Kong SAR, China

MINNEAPOLIS — Valentines Day is right around the corner, Minnesotans and Twin Cities visitors! Book an intimate limousine ride for you and your loved one and take a lovely ride through the wondrous city in the white snowy winter. RRV has special packages for tours of all sorts and we are an award-winning transportation provider in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

We have won numerous awards for our service in the wedding industry by top bridal and local lifestyle publications in the metro area. We have been in business since the early 1990s and we have strived to provide loving couples with the best possible service with our large fleet of limousines. This includes a full line of stretch Lincoln cars and SUV limos (including top of the line models such as the Hummer). You could say love is our business. And we love every minute of it.

Our professional drivers can provide an experience to remember for years to come. They will provide a route for you and your significant other to explore the sights of the Twin Cities or the countryside nearby the suburbs. Plan a mobile picnic or take one of our customized tours. We have all kinds of packages available.

RRV provides tours of wineries and breweries including some of the most beautiful vineyards you have ever seen. But if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience that isn’t part of a group experience, call to consult with us and plan a customized trip with preferred stops for the best date you can imagine.

Our limousines can be stocked with drinks upon request, but we do not supply or allow food in the cars. However, you can plan trips to the best restaurants in the city or you can plan a picnic with stops along the way where you can eat with your sweetheart.

Maybe you want to bring your children. That’s not a problem either. There is plenty of room and onboard television screens in select models of limos in our fleet so you can keep them occupied while you enjoy your date.

Get started booking your romantic ride through the city. Call RRV for a custom quote on a limousine ride in Minneapolis or the surrounding area today before all reservations are made.

-Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches and Trolleys

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Minneapolis Valentines Day Limousines at Your Service

Posted on January 18, 2017 by Chad
Minneapolis Limo

Valentines Day is the day for couples in love to spend time together. Book a limousine in Minneapolis for your special day

Minneapolis/St. Paul — The season of love is around the corner just ahead of spring. Are you thinking of your loved one? Do you want to plan a romantic trip through the city or countryside? Do you maybe just want to give your significant other or spouse a surprise, with travel on a tour or special event courtesy of Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches and Trolleys? Imagine a romantic dinner and wine tour at the most elegant and tasteful vineyards and wineries. What about a romantic getaway through a nature area or lovely park? There are numerous ways to incorporate the elegance and luxury of a limousine for use on Valentines Day.

Our professional limo drivers have hearts of gold and know just how to help plan and navigate a journey of love. We have been in the business of love for quite some time. In fact, since the early 1990s, our company has seen more brides and grooms than we can count. Our service has been given awards year after year in publications across the Twin Cities, including Minnesota Bride, Mpls. St. Paul Magazine’s Best of Twin Cities, WeddingWire and several others. We take our service to a whole new level of care because we want the experience to count and the memories to last a lifetime.

Our reputation is strong. You can see our reviews on Facebook, Google and Angie’s List. We are proud to be serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area of the Twin Cities. Minnesota’s season of love is upon us. Book a limo of love for you and your partner or spouse and plan a custom romantic experience. Learn more about RRV on our website. There are a number of limousine options to choose from within our fleet and they are stocked with great amenities that will delight you and make your ride smooth, comfortable, enjoyable and intimate. Plan a romantic route that rolls through the cityscape or countryside, weaving from suburb to suburb, prairie or urban lights of the night’s sky.

In addition to limousines, we also have coaches and trolleys for group travel, if you’re looking to something like couples retreats or destinations. There are plenty of ways to enjoy this Valentines Day in Minneapolis in 2017. Show your loved ones a good time using the best in Twin Cities transportation services.

Are you traveling out of town with your loved one? Do you need a ride to the airport in a limo to make the day the most special it can be? Call RRV and book transportation to the airport. Availability may be limited.

Call RRV to schedule Valentines Day transportation in Minneapolis. Schedule a custom plan or choose from one of our existing options for tours and other events. Check availability on our website.

-Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches and Trolleys

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These Minneapolis Limousines are Perfect for Your Anniversary

Posted on January 11, 2017 by Chad

Minneapolis/St. Paul — Plan a perfect anniversary and/or gift for you and your significant other with an elegant ride through the Twin Cities in a limousine from our fleet at RRV.

All year long, you and your significant other spend time doing things for your children and working round the clock to support yourselves. There is often little time these days to just spend time together with your loved one in an intimate way.

We have thoughtful plans with our Minneapolis limousine service to provide the best in class service for a romantic getaway through the Twin Cities. Plan your trip with destination landmarks and romantic stops so you can spend quality time with your loved one. You can sip champaign, gave into one another’s eyes and spend time in the city you both live in and love. You can plan several destinations along the way, exploring the great urban and suburban area as well as the beautiful surrounding countryside.

An anniversary means a long-term commitment and a limousine ride will let you and the love of your life celebrate that commitment. Long romantic nights through the city with lakes that are lit with the city lights and night sky will help you remember those early days in your relationship and reignite your passion for each other all over again.

RRV offers a wide variety of packages for limo rides in the Twin Cities metro area. We specialize in provide great experiences for our passengers. We have long been considered a premier provider of elegant transportation services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Our company has won numerous awards in all sorts of publications in the metro including many bridal publications due to our excellent services for wedding vendors and couples getting married.

Get transportation options from our large fleet of limos and other vehicles. Plan your anniversary with our local limo transportation service. Our drivers provide the utmost in customer service excellence and provide for an experience to remember for a lifetime. Call to learn more about availability and check with our company to plan your routes and destinations including travel time and other custom options.

-Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches and Trolleys

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