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Minneapolis MN Business Limos with Corporate Accounts

Posted on December 29, 2016 by Chad

Twin Cities – If you are thinking about getting a corporate or executive business limo account in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, then you have visited the right place. There are several considerations to take before starting your own business travel account. This information will help you to make a selection for transportation, work out scheduling details and manage your budget for company limousine accounts. RRV has some of the most professional drivers in the city and a large fleet of vehicles with great prices and packages. Consultants will help you get started.

Make Your Limo Selection

Typically, limos and coaches are available in a variety of models, but based on their booking availability. A corporate or company account for all of your local business travel will often afford you priority of these vehicles due to your corporate status and long-term business with RRV. The large fleet of limousines include many different styles and colors. There are white and black executive style passenger car limousines like the Lincoln Continental or Towncar styles and SUV styles. Your corporate account will help you make preferred selections of a vehicle booked for an ongoing schedule. Contact us to learn more.

Consult Your Schedule

Business is often routine, and there are plenty of uncertain moments or spontaneous events and having a travel accommodation that can handle all sorts of requests and maintain a constant schedule of travel time for meetings and other plans is an important element. Book blocks of time for your limo travel or consult with us for more custom planning for business traveling plans. Put your plans into action and get more business done with our professional drivers and comfortable limousines.

Pricing and packages

Affordable pricing and custom planning for business budgets is what sets RRV apart from other types of transportation providers in the Minneapolis area. We have been providing a quality and elegant experience for our clients since the early 1990s. We can develop the right package for your business needs and work with you on price points and packages that provide value to your organization. Call us to get started or visit the website to learn more about our services.

Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches and Trolleys is an award-winning limousine and custom transportation provider in the Minneapolis, MN area. The company manages a large fleet and provides for customized corporate travel accounts. We work with companies of all types and sizes and our experienced drivers can provide a quality experience for executives, owners, managers, etc.

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Minneapolis Limousine Business Travel

Posted on December 28, 2016 by Chad

Minneapolis/St. Paul – Traveling and commuting for business in the city is, for some executives and business owners, a way of life. Meeting to meeting, travel is an essential function of the business world. Whether flying into MSP airport and then headed off to meet with company leaders in the area or to make a speech at a local event for your own Twin Cities area business, choose a company that can meet the demand with world class travel options and drivers with professional experience.

The typical Minneapolis limo service won’t do. No. You need something with elegance, dedication to quality service and professional planning and travel consultation. If you need something long-term for your corporate account, you can trust these business travel professionals to provide a packaged service that meets the demands of your business travel needs on an ongoing basis.

If you are in town traveling to do some business in the Minneapolis area and you are looking for a limousine company that can provide the most for your money, then look no further. RRV is known for its large fleet of vehicles including both passenger car style and SUV style limousines, street car trolleys for events and coaches and coach limos for groups of passengers and event/tour travel for your company.

The coaches are a great way for companies to shuttle employees to various parts of an event. They also provide good transportation options for groups that need to travel for corporate retreats or other types of work-related functions that need group travel packages in the Twin Cities area.

Corporate limousine travel plans are available and are a great way to keep a reserve limo for taking out clients, traveling back and forth to meetings, going to the International Airport (MSP), arranging for VIP travel, going to company events and just traveling throughout the city exclusively in the company limousine.

Often, business transactions and meetings even take place within the confines of the limousine, which can act like a mobile meeting space for the extremely ambitious and busy businessman, meeting on the go or just running to lunch and squeezing in just enough time to hash out the details of a plan. All of these great benefits of limo business travel are available through specialized corporate accounts developed with your business and budget for travel in mind. Reach one of the consultants from RRV to discuss options for corporate travel and transportation in the Minneapolis area. Also ask about the fleet and about availability of various models.

-Written by Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches and Trolleys

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Holiday Work Party in Minneapolis? Need Transportation?

Posted on December 27, 2016 by Chad

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota — Transportation for work parties is too often an afterthought. This can lead to unsafe measures taken by individuals or by spending money on taxis or waiting around on public transportation to solve the safe driver problem after the party. Why not get a professional transportation service that can shuttle your co-workers to and from your event destination(s)? It’s fun, cost-effective and you can actually incorporate an entire travel plan with multiple destinations for your co-workers and their guests.


If you are having a work party in or near the city of Minneapolis or St. Paul, book a limousine service for your travel needs. There are several different types within the fleet, based on availability, such as SUVs and traditional style models. There are also limo coaches available upon request, also based on availability. A limousine is a fun way to provide safe, professional and reliable transportation for your event or party for your business in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Book your limo now in time for your holiday party for work!


Coaches are another great way to transport your guests and co-workers for your party. If you are all traveling from your work location to a separate location such as a bowling alley, Mall of America, a local bar & grille or some other local hotspot in the Twin Cities, get your hands on a coach service to shuttle your people. It is another safe and reliable choice versus leaving everyone to their own plans for getting home safely. Coaches are available in a variety of sizes from smaller to quite expansive, with a ton of great onboard features and very comfortable seating as well. Get a coach bus to shuttle several passengers in a group for your twin cities work holiday party.


Trolleys are another fun idea for a work party to shuttle people around during the holiday. These are a special item within the transport fleet that gives the passengers a more intimate and retro feel. They are real street cars that are open to the outdoor, so riders in the city get a feel of their surroundings. This is great for parties at local parks or other areas where numerous stops in a dense area are needed. Call for availability of the trolleys in Minneapolis or St. Paul and surrounding suburbs of the Twin Cities.

Other Ideas for Holiday Work Party

Packages include winery tours, brewery tours and other speciality tours in the Twin Cities. Limousines can be used for mobile parties with a select few, such as executives or managers, or you can rent multiple limos for large groups or VIP purposes. Consult with us for more information about holiday party planning using custom transportation from our drivers and the vehicles in our large fleet in Minneapolis.

Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches and Trolleys

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Christmas Lights in Minneapolis, MN

Posted on December 13, 2016 by Chad


TWIN CITIES—Limousines, coaches and trolleys in Minneapolis and St. Paul taking tours of the Christmas lights for the holidays are a special occasion, so here is a poem to highlight our special service to you:

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the streets, were limousines and coaches from Renee’s Royal fleet.

Stockings were hung on limousine windows with care, in hopes that the driver will bring us all there.

The children were putting their face to the glass, while visions of Christmas lights flashed while we passed.

And mamma smiled at papa during holiday tour, Minneapolis lights in neighborhoods are a holiday cure.

When out on the lawn there arose such a light, we sprang from leather seats in delight.

Up against the window I flew in a flash, to see the commotion of Christmas lights while it all lasts.

The moon shone across ten feet of snow, our driver carefully navigates through the neighborhood show.

When out on the lawn of a home should appear, a lighted installation of dancing reindeer.

With a little old driver, so lively and quick, a limousine more modern than old St Nick.

More rapid than eagles from highway 169, our limo was en route to a holiday tour in no time!

“Now, coach! Now limo! Now trolleys we’ll ride! On to what winter festivities provide!”

“To the homes and installations across cities and towns! Now dash away to make the rounds!”

The poem was inspired by a very popular poem by Clement Clark Moore called “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and it goes on for several more stanzas. This poem’s stanzas were also written quite differently. Clement wrote the poem in the 1800s.

Come find out why the twin cities is such a great city to explore during the magical winters here in Minnesota. It really is a winter wonderland, with all of the most beautiful holiday light installations with many different types of characters and scenes set up, from nativity to Disney characters and more. Affluent homeowners, organizations and purely creative people contribute to make the most beautiful installations you have ever seen.

Our company provides transportation services to create custom light tours for the whole family or other groups seeking a holiday get-together or activity. It is a great experience. Our fleet includes several types of limousines, trolleys and coach buses. So depending on your particular need, you can arrange to have one or more groups travel in a number of vehicles. Visit the website to learn more about the various options available for holiday light tours in Minneapolis and surrounding area.

-Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches and Trolleys

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