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Twin Cities – Stuff to do During Ryder Cup Event

Posted on September 23, 2016 by Chad
ryder cup chaska mn

Tony Jacklin’s ball from the Ryder Cup

If you are traveling to the Minneapolis area this September to see the Ryder Cup professional golf tournament in the city of Chaska, MN at Hazeltine National Golf Club, then you might be wondering what there is to do in the Twin Cities during the tournament.

Don’t just hole up in a hotel room downtown! Get out and see the city! We can help get you setup with transportation to and from the Ryder Cup golf tournament in Chaska and also coordinate tours and transportation to other attractions throughout the city. Check out this post to get some ideas of what to do during the pro golf event, the 2016 Ryder Cup.

Eats and Drinks Plus Nightlife

Minneapolis and St. Paul have great cuisine options, with everything from bistros and fine dining to street trucks and ethnic diners. There are many different styles of cuisine and many fine restaurants with renowned chefs. Get your reservations while you’re in town. There is also a great nightlife with many options for entertainment including concerts and other shows. The Twin Cities has the greatest number of live theaters in the nation, outside New York.


Minnesota is known for its home base for retail giants like Best Buy, Target and others. We also have the Mall of America, a mega shopping experience complete with a theme park inside the mall that has water rides for the kids.

Arts & Culture

Explore the arts and culture of the cities. From local music to art galleries and community workshops and cooperatives, the cities are sprawling with creative activity! See the sights and experience the sounds, smells and tastes of our great Midwest twin cities. Get a touch of heritage at the many Minnesota museums there are. We also have great sports facilities and much more!

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Minneapolis, MN – Ryder Cup Transportation Update

Posted on September 23, 2016 by Chad
Ryder Cup Chaska MN Transporation Minneapolis

Ryder Cup Update

The Ryder Cup is almost here ladies and gentlemen! We have a premier service for limousines, trolleys and coaches for transportation to the Ryder Cup in Chaska, Minnesota. The event takes place at Hazeltine National Golf Club, which is a beautifully landscaped professional golf course. The Ryder Cup will feature and host lots of great pro golfers from the ranks of the PGA, the prestigious national Professional Golf Association.

Golf.com announced the tee times for Ryder Cup and we have converted them for you to local Minnesota time:

All Times Central Standard Format (CST)

Friday/Saturday Foursomes (Alternate Shot)

7:35 a.m.: MATCH 1

7:50 a.m.: MATCH 2

8:05 a.m.: MATCH 3

8:20 a.m.: MATCH 4

Friday/Saturday Fourballs (Best Ball)

12:30 p.m.: MATCH 1

12:45 p.m.: MATCH 2

1:00 p.m.: MATCH 3

1:15 p.m.: MATCH 4

Sunday Singles

11:04 a.m.: MATCH 1

11:15 a.m.: MATCH 2

11:26 a.m.: MATCH 3

11:37 a.m.: MATCH 4

11:48 a.m.: MATCH 5

11:59 a.m.: MATCH 6

12:10 p.m.: MATCH 7

12:21 p.m.: MATCH 8

12:32 p.m.: MATCH 9

12:43 p.m.: MATCH 10

12:54 p.m.: MATCH 11

1:05 p.m.: MATCH 12

If you are looking for transportation to this special event in the twin cities via limousine or coach, then give RRV a call to schedule your pickup (arrival) and departure (to and from) the Ryder Cup event in Chaska, MN. Our service is the premier luxury travel service in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities metro area. Act fast to reserve your transportation to the event.

While you’re in town, we can help show you around the city of Chaska with a city tour. If you are coordinating for Chaska city tours, then consider our trolley service for groups.

Also, we offer other tours like wine tours, craft beer brewery tours and other tours around the city of Minneapolis. There are many sights to see, sounds to hear and flavors to taste. Call us to learn more

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Minneapolis/St. Paul – Preparing for Fall Weddings

Posted on September 23, 2016 by Chad
Fall Wedding Transportation

Fall Wedding Cake. Photo by Katina Rogers.

Are you planning a wedding for the fall season in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area? We serve the twin cities area including most of the suburbs. We offer wedding transportation services that help the bride and groom and their guests have a great time in the city or even tour the countryside. We can help plan romantic evenings. In this post, we will explore how to plan for your wedding in the fall season in Minnesota.

Town and Country Magazine said there are 14 reasons to get married in the autumn. Among them are better photo opportunities with the changing of leaf colors and more forgiving temperatures to prevent makeup from sweating off or smudging. They also mentioned being able to wear a long-sleeved wedding dress, a favorite of many young Minnesota brides. The dinner options can be more pleasing in the autumn season as well. You can incorporate things like pumpkin in the deserts and have a great harvest meal complete with corn, mashed potatoes and even turkey. You can visit the Town and Country Magazine website to see what other tips they have for autumn weddings.

Minnesota also has its own list of wedding magazines that offer great wedding planning tips. We are, in fact, an award winning provider of transportation services in many of these bridal magazines for offering outstanding Twin Cities wedding transportation with our limousines, coaches and trolleys. A wedding limo can really help make an event and wedding party because our luxury travel for your guests, including family and friends of the bride and groom, will be a memorable experience in itself. Add to that the ability to tour the city or countryside and plan coordinated travel to specified locations throughout the suburbs and city. Check out your local wedding publications for other fall wedding tips.

Warm and hot drinks are also great beverage options for fall weddings. You can serve warm cider or other warmed drinks, along with your chilled beverage options. These are very popular options among guests who will enjoy the apple flavor that brings forth memories of the Minnesota apple harvest of the fall season.

We love to help share these kinds of tips for weddings for all the brides and grooms of the Twin Cities that we help with our custom transportation service here in Minneapolis. Consult with us to plan your wedding transportation and coordinated events or tours. We specialize in providing an excellent experience for brides and their families and other guests.  

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Minneapolis, MN City Tours – Limousines, Trolleys or Coach Travel

Posted on September 23, 2016 by Chad
Minneapolis City Tour

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden – Walker Art Center, spring 2014. Photo by Dave Tucker

The Twin Cities, which encompasses the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area, is home to around 4 million residents who live in a geographic area that stretches into Western Wisconsin (Hudson, WI is one of the most easterly lying suburbs of the metro area). This includes hundreds of suburbs, some as small as 69 people and some as large as 85,000 (like Bloomington). Your city tour can be customized by contacting and consulting with us on a coordinated travel plan in the Twin Cities.

Mall of America

Since we already mentioned Bloomington, a shopping stop might be the famous Mall of America, one of the largest shopping centers in the United States and it is right next door to a large IKEA outlet as well.

Brewery Tours

Minnesota is home to a diverse and growing list of micro- and craft breweries and “brewpubs” that are spread throughout the Twin Cities. Our website contains a list of these special Minnesota-based craft beer breweries, which are great attractions. They are also a lot of fun, as well as educational. Learn how beer is made!

US Bank Stadium, First Avenue and Target Field/Center

Target Center and Target Field (where the Minnesota Twins professional baseball franchise and Minnesota Timberwolves pro basketball team play) are located right across the street from the historic music venue First Avenue, where Prince once played. Big news right now (at least according to rumor) is that Paisely Park may become a tourist destination and possible museum for fans of Prince’s music. US Bank is the new super technologized stadium where the Minnesota Vikings play. It’s great to be state that has all four major sports teams, plus a growing soccer league. useu

Walker Art Center and Museums

The Walker Art Center is a great place to see art. Also, the twin cities is home to the most live theaters per capita of any city besides NYC. There is a lot of art and culture here to explore. Beyond the great restaurants and awesome people, there are history museums and other arts museums and centers, including the science museum.

University of Minnesota

Check out the U of M campus, one of the largest colleges in the nation (in the top 3) while you’re in town. It’s an amazing campus with its own set of attractions and neighborhoods.

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