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Corporate Progressive Dinner Event

Posted on January 23, 2019 by Chad

Tired of boring corporate dinners where you sit in one place for an hour, speaking only with a few nearby people? Networking dinners are meant to connect with as many other employees, contacts and clients as possible. Renee’s Limousines has the answer. Our event coordinators can make sure your event is seamless from beginning to end, customized for your guests’ convenience and entertainment.

Progressive dining involves one meal with many courses, all eaten at a different venue.

Why is a progressive dinner better than the standard buffet hall or hotel restaurant?

Variety – When your company sits down with our event coordinator, they’ll have a variety of restaurants to choose from for each course. There can be one specific item available for that course or a selection of many. Themes can develop for the entire meal from a region of cuisine or change for each stop. This makes it easy for everyone to find something they like while being a perfect conversation starter.

Connect with Many People

Whether the goal of the dinner is to connect the administration with the clerks, the sales team with clients or to develop teams and department relationships, progressive dinners are a hit. Every time you sit down at the new venue, you will have other people to converse with. In a one venue dinner, not only are you limited to who you can speak with, but the dinner rarely goes more than an hour or two. A progressive dinner gives a full five to six hours of mingling and chatting time to exchange cards and discuss professional and personal interests.

Convenient, Carefree and Luxurious

Because Renee’s Limousines specialize in custom limos and luxurious travel, your group will ride from one venue to another in comfort and style. There’s no waiting to be seated, you will arrive at the time that you the client, reserved at each restaurants. since our event planners will schedule courses at each restaurant with exact times and numbers. We can pick up your group and return them at the end at any location you set with our planners. There’s no fuss, no worry and your company employees or clients have a productive but fun evening.

Why not plan your company’s progressive dinner event today? Contact our office to see just how we might custom build your progressive dinner experience.

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Christmas Holiday Travel in Minneapolis

Posted on December 25, 2018 by Chad

Airport Limo

Airport Limos in Minneapolis

Getting around Minneapolis during the holidays can sometimes be a painful experience for visitors and for family members. Renee’s Limousines provides a number of transportation options in the Twin Cities area for holiday travel and special transportation. We also offer a holiday lights tour in the metro area that explores the beautifully decorated structures in the winter holiday bliss from Minnesota’s snow-time festive landscape.

Family Visiting? Get Airport Pickup

Renee’s Limousines has airport limo transportation available. Call to check for immediate availability. Do you have large groups that need to be picked up from various locations and all rendezvous in a central location this Christmas in the Twin Cities? Renee’s Limousines might be able to accommodate you in this scenario. We have various styles of limousines in our fleet such as Lincoln Continental, Lincoln SUVs and Hummer H2 style stretch limos. We also have various coach bus and limo coaches available to seat several passengers in large groups. More information can be found on our website under Fleet.

Shuttle Rides and Event Travel

Are you enjoying the holidays with family, friends or co-workers and have an itinerary of events planned? Some get very creative during Xmas time and come up with plenty of things to do during the 12 days of Christmas. Of course, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa produce holiday festivals too and many local organizations sponsor various events and activities throughout the Twin Cities. If you need to organize mass travel, transit and transportation services in the community, contact us.

Holiday Lights Tours in Minneapolis and St. Paul Area

Some Minnesotans take Christmas decoration seriously. Some neighborhoods have produced some of the most stunning holiday lights shows imaginable. Our company has been following the trend and has organized various holiday lights tour packages for our customers in the Twin Cities. Call us to learn more about these holiday lights tours with Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis.

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Minneapolis New Years Party Transportation and Events

Posted on December 20, 2018 by Chad

New Years Limos Minneapolis

Happy New Year Minneapolis

Renee’s Limousines is a premium transportation provider for the Twin Cities area and we are located in Minneapolis. We have a number of years of experience in the limousine, trolley and coach bus transportation industry in Minnesota. We have been going more than two decades strong with many years of party travel and event transportation in the Minneapolis area including several New Years party clients over the years. We have an amazing and sizable fleet of vehicles ranging in many sizes along with professional drivers and a staff who can help you plan for your event travel and group transportation needs.

Happy New Year Parties in Minneapolis 2018-2019

As 2019 approaches, go out with a blast to finish 2018. If you live in the Twin Cities and want to work out the logistics of safe and sober travel for large groups at your party or you need to shuttle guests to events or pick them up from various locations in the metro area, then call us to plan ahead. We have had numerous types of requests for transportation over the years to and from various types of events, parties, festivals and the like. We also have street car style trolleys for onsite and inner city travels in the open air. Call for more information.

Choose from a Variety of Vehicles in the Renee’s Limousines Fleet

Our fleet includes a number of different type of large vehicles made for group travel. We have three types of vehicle categories among the vehicles across our fleet: limos, coaches and trolleys. You can select, based on availability, between passenger car and SUV style stretch limos. That includes popular choices like the Hummer H2 style. There are various colors. Ask us about details via telephone or email. Coaches are larger vehicles that resemble a bus and have seating for multiple passengers, great for large groups. Trolleys are street cars that are great for use in local festivals and events in Minneapolis or St. Paul areas.

Find Out More

Before booking for your New Years Holiday party transportation in the Twin Cities, find out more about Renee’s Limousines online. You can find awards and other accolades about us in local media and wedding websites such as Mpls-St. Paul Magazine, MN Bride, The Knot and other local organizations. You can find reviews about us on our Facebook page, Yelp!, Google, Angie’s List and other sites. We welcome you to do your research before making your decision. Call us with any questions.

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Why Set the Date for an Engagement or Wedding in December

Posted on December 17, 2018 by Chad

Whether your big day is the engagement or wedding day, at Renee’s Limousines we understand the magic is in the details. Wedding packages are the ideal way to celebrate the day with friends and family. With unlimited miles and pickups during hire time, you can travel in style and comfort, while enjoying extras such as crystal glassware, napkins, ice, non-alcoholic champagne, and a red-carpet service to add the perfect finishing touch on the event.

Premier Dates in the Winter

There are countless reasons December is a popular month for momentously important occasions, including proposals and weddings. The early sunset in Minneapolis and St. Paul makes for an evening of enchantment in which to celebrate. Due to the holiday season, families and friends also embrace opportunities to come together to mark important events.

The clean, crisp December air will serve as a reminder of the day for subsequent years to come. Each anniversary will evoke familiar sights, sounds, and emotions for you and your partner or spouse. If you would like to plan a true experience, Renee’s Limousines can provide luxurious Dublin Wedding Trolleys to transport you and your guests in style.

Romance Matters with Renee’s Limousines

We want your day to go off with more than a hint of romance. When you hire cars or trolley from Renee’s Limousines, it is our goal to play an intricate part in helping you make an occasion to remember. Nerves can become a factor, especially if you are planning to propose to the one you love. We are the Twin Cities trusted engagement and wedding transportation specialists.

At Renee’s Limousines, our commitment includes coordinating closely with you to ensure everything goes exactly as planned on the day. You can rely on impeccable service and transportation in comfort from Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Get a quote via our website or call 763.551.1919 today to discuss your needs with a member of the team.

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Winter Wedding Limo Service in Minneapolis

Posted on December 12, 2018 by Chad

Wedding Limo Twin Cities

Minneapolis Wedding Limos Available Now

If you have been doing your research on limo services in Minneapolis or St. Paul for your Twin Cities wedding this winter, then you may have come across our company’s name. Renee’s Limousines has been a local wedding limo provider in the metro area for many years. We have won awards and have been recognized many times by media and organizations. Our relationships with local wedding vendors and positive real customer reviews online speak for themselves. Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis creates experiences. Learn why we are leaders in the business of love and happy memories.

The Business of Love and Happy Memories

We have built a solid business over several decades in paying specific and close attention to customer needs and desires when it comes to creating the most memorable experience from their love. Weddings are important events and the expectations are high. We are known to meet quality standards every time and our drivers and staff understand how to plan in advance and work with all partners in the supply chain if needed. Our focus is on the best possible experience as it relates to professional transportation and travel services in the Twin Cities as a premium wedding limousine service.

Group Travel and Shuttle for Twin Cities Weddings

For many couples and wedding planners who call us for their wedding transportation needs, there is often a need to facilitate group travel planning as well. Family members, friends and other guests visiting often get valet or other parking and shuttle rides can be made using our fleet of limos, coaches or streecar style trolleys. Groups can travel well in our coach style buses that can facilitate many passengers with its several rows of seating onboard.

Luxury and Style

Our stretch limousines provide luxury and comfort to your guests with their impeccable onboard features, seating and excellent exterior trims. Look more at our fleet on our website and connect with us on Facebook to learn more about our wedding limo service in Minneapolis.

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Corporate Transportation Bus Shuttles in Twin Cities Coaches and Limo Coaches

Posted on December 9, 2018 by Chad

Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis is a professional Twin Cities limo, coach and trolley service provider. We offer a unique transportation service to companies in the MPLS-St. Paul Metro area. Our corporate transportation service is a worthwhile resource for your employees. We can offer a shuttle coach bus service for your employees to get from nearby locations to your corporate headquarters, office buildings, warehouse or other campus locations. You can also get executive level local transportation in one the limos, coach limos or coaches in our fleet. Continue reading to learn more about the ways in which our corporate transportation service can be of great value to your organization.

Twin Cities Corporate Transportation Services

Choose among our amazing fleet of luxury and multipurpose multi-passenger vehicles. We are the masters of experience and we create memorable moments for our clients because we offer excellence, attention to detail and professional planning. Our reputation speaks volumes from real life testimonials on Facebook, Google, Yelp!, Angie’s List, LinkedIn, Mpls-St. Paul Magazine, MN Bride, The Knot and more. We also know a thing or two about budgeting and scheduling.

Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area Group Travel and Shuttle Ride Services

Get in touch with us for planning your corporate campus routes. Our fleet includes large multi-passenger vehicles and mini-buses that can seat up to 30 or more people. View Our Fleet to get a glimpse of the styles, sizes and layouts of our various multipurpose solutions. Mini buses are an efficient way to transport clusters or groups of nearby employees from local stops in neighborhoods or business districts to your corporate locations. We can work with you on planning the most affordable and sensible routes.

Executive Level Corporate Travel and Transportation

For executives, board members, management, sales, marketing or other branches of your firm, trust Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis to deliver a quality experience every time. Meet and confer with clients on the go and hustle to meetings in the quite comfort of a stretch limousine. Take a look at our website to see our fleet of luxurious limos for business meetings and corporate travel in the Twin Cities, including Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs of the cities. Our company has been in the service of the metro area for more than 20 years and we are trusted by countless businesses, organizations and individuals. Call us to schedule a meeting about your corporate transportation needs and to discuss further details.

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Minneapolis Winter Wedding Limos

Posted on November 30, 2018 by Chad

limousines in twin cities

A great experience with Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis will make any bride smile.

Yes it’s cold outside again. It is Minnesota. Stay bundled and keep warm this year and if you are having a wedding during the winter months, call the local Twin Cities transportation provider that keeps on giving: Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis! Our company is an award-winning limousine and transportation provider in the Twin Cities and we specialize in making unforgettable moments for our clients in the local area. Call us to learn more about our wedding transportation packages and wedding limo services in the Twin Cities this winter season. We will handle your travel needs so you don’t have to.

Winter Weddings in MN

So, you are getting married in the dead of winter huh? That’s okay, many people love this time of year. The white snow and frosted tree branches give people some comfort in this climate. They find beauty in the cold and so do we. Winter weddings can be fun, but transportation and travel can be an issue. That’s where we come in to save the day.

Our Wedding Limo Excellence

We like to brag sometimes. That may not seem so Minnesotan, but the fact is we are good at what we do. We have been doing this for more than 20 years in the local area. Our wedding limos in Minneapolis have satisfied countless clients over the years.

Wedding Vendors

We work with wedding planners as a premium wedding and bridal vendor in the Twin Cities. Wedding planners trust us because they know that we can deliver what we promise. We see ourselves as a company in the business of love and caring, so that is how we approach our service to clients.

Our Reviews and Awards

If you really want to know more about our excellence in wedding limousine service in the Twin Cities, just Google us. Look at our reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Angie’s List and elsewhere. We have won numerous awards from bridal and other local media in the Twin Cities.

Wedding Limos in the Twin Cities During Winter

If you are looking for a special limo service in Minneapolis or the Twin Cities metro area, we are happy to take your call. We can answer any questions you might have about packages as well. Take a look through our website to learn more about our limo, coach, limo coach and trolley fleet in the Twin Cities. Call us for more info on packages.

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Holiday Lights Tours – A New Twin Cities Holiday Tradition

Posted on November 23, 2018 by Chad


Do you need a little Christmas right this very minute? St. Paul and Minneapolis boast some of the finest Christmas lights and holiday attractions in the Midwest. From public and municipal displays of trees and lights in downtown St. Paul to the downtown Minneapolis Holidazzle celebration, there’s so much to see! Both communities also have additional festive streets and neighborhoods that surround the city and suburban areas. Why not let us take you and your loved ones to see how wonderful it is in the Twin Cities this time of year?

Celebrate in Warmth and Comfort

Taking a winter stroll in Minnesota can get pretty cold. A ride in one of our coaches or limos with hot chocolate and Christmas music while enjoying beautiful holiday displays makes the season bright! Warm cabins, comfortable seating and luxurious extras make our holiday lights tours a wonderful family or Christmas party experience. We provide additional touches for certain vehicle tours such as crystal glassware, napkins, bottled water and ice.

Great Tours for Many Occasions and Groups

Tired of the same old office party? Wish you could find a way to gather with neighbors or extended family members but don’t have room? Want to do something truly unique and special for your friends while honoring holiday traditions? Our Holiday Lights Tours can accommodate various sized groups of all ages. Choose from several vehicles for groups of 10 to 31 people.

Hassle-Free Pickups and Easy Scheduling

Imagine not worrying about driving to a holiday event, finding and paying to park or having to carpool. We can arrange pickups and drop-offs for your guests in any Twin Cities Metro location. Scheduling is also simple. We have suggested tour times for weekdays and weekends that run for 2 ½ to 3-hour tours. Just contact our office and let us know your preference.

It’s a great time to reserve your Holiday Light Tour with Renee’s Limousines. Give us a call at 763-551-1919 or go online to book your special tour today!

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Holiday Work Party Ideas in Minneapolis, MN

Posted on November 22, 2018 by Chad

Are you and your management team, party planning committee or co-workers trying to decide what to do for a holiday party this year? Try Renee’s Limousines’ holiday party packages. We offer limos, coaches and trolleys for parties over the holidays as well as tours of local breweries. You can also attend local events and fill a coach or limo for the transportation side. You can even try a local pub crawl with a limo service in the Twin Cities. Call Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis to find out more about our local holiday work party packages and for more ideas on how to plan a corporate or small business holiday party.

Safe Transportation

If your holiday work party involves drinking alcohol, please get a safe and sober form of transportation (even if it’s not with us). We want you to be safe. If you’re looking for a luxurious edge along with a safe ride, just call us. We can help with large group transportation in the Twin Cities.

Brewery Tours

One of the most popular types of packages we offer are the brewery tours for holiday work parties in the Minneapolis area, home to many breweries and brew pubs. Check out our website for a full listing of our brewery tour packages. Call us to learn more about these tours and to plan your work party.

Local Events

There are many local events during the holiday season in the Twin Cities every year. Check online event calendars and try to plan your work party in conjunction with a local event. Renee’s Limousines can help with the travel arrangements. Give us a call for availability checks.

Local Pub Crawls

Minnesotans love a good pub crawl, even in the winter time. The holiday season is upon us and a work party is just the right time to do some bar hopping with co-workers and bond over beers. We have provided transportation for many pub crawls over the years in the local area. Let us be your safe and sober drivers for your holiday party pub crawl this year.

Minneapolis/St. Paul Area Holiday Work Parties

Our company has many years of experience providing local limo, coach and limo coach transportation for work parties during the holidays in the Twin Cities. Find out more and see how exciting your holiday work party can be. Whether you are a small business or major corporate location, we can help.

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Minneapolis Limos for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Winter Holidays

Posted on November 18, 2018 by Chad

wedding limos mn

Yelp Screenshot

Minnesota is officially in its winter wonderland period with Thanksgiving just around the corner, followed by Christmas, then New Year’s in 2019. It has also become modern American holiday tradition to go on Christmas shopping sprees a month in advance in what is known in retail shopping as Black Friday and more recently Small Business Saturday. Online retailers use Cyber Monday to lure shoppers to their online bargains. Minnesota is home to retail giants like Best Buy and Target and the countless suburbs of the Twin Cities provide plenty of retail and outlet mall shopping, not to mention the mighty Mall of America. You might want to get a Twin Cities limousine service for all the shopping.

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Sales

Black Friday will be going on all over the Twin Cities. Many retailers make a large majority of their annual sales on this one weekend alone. Consumers in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area are looking for deals but the traffic can be grueling. Schedule a coordinated ride to the stores you plan to go to by calling Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis. We have the fleet, including limos, coaches and limo coaches for larger groups. Make sure to do your research and plan out the route you want to take with our local transportation guides. Keep a list of deals, items and stores you want to explore on Black Friday in the Twin Cities.

Holiday Travel from MSP Airport

We also provide airport transportation with airport limo rides or coach bus rides from the airport over the holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. If you have guests coming to Minneapolis to visit, we can pick them up at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and drop them at your destination. You can also plan the family Twin Cities Black Friday shopping trip as well.

Twin Cities Shopping Transportation

If you want to consult with us on shopping transportation this Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, we can arrange a conversation to plan your shopping route. Call us for more information on shopping trips with limos or coaches throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

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