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Upgrade Your Minneapolis Limousine to a Hummer H2 Stretch Limo!

Posted on September 19, 2018 by Chad
Hummer Limo Rental Minneapolis

Rent this H2 Hummer Limo in Minneapolis

Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis

If you are looking for the best in limousines in Minneapolis, be sure to take a look through the fleet of Renee’s Limousines. Renee’s Limousines has a large fleet of vehicles that includes limos, coaches, limo coaches and street car style trolleys. All of the vehicles in this fleet are amazing, but the new Hummer H2 stretch SUV limos are something to really write home about. See about getting the Hummer upgrade if you are thinking about limo rental in the Twin Cities.

About the Hummer H2

The Hummer went from being recognized as a military vehicle used in war zones and military police units to being recognized as a luxury SUV in the American marketplace for consumers. Celebrities like MMA fighter Kimbo Slice have been seen with their entourage rolling around in the spacious SUVs. Renee’s Limousines provides these luxurious “beasts” to our customers who want to turn it up a notch and ride in style, size and comfort.

Our Hummer H2 Stretch Limos

Customers enjoy these solid flush square design vehicles. The vehicle exhibits a sense of power that people are really attracted to. If you are looking for a powerful experience, then consider a Hummer H2 stretch limo SUV rental. Our fleet consists of these and other SUV limos. Our Hummer H2 limo series provides just as much, if not more, comfort and quality to our limo fleet in the Twin Cities. From the chromed out grill to the nerf bars that assist people in getting up and into this huge vehicle, the Hummer will impress every time.

Renting a Hummer Limo in Minneapolis

If you are interested in renting a hummer limo in the Twin Cities, then be sure to call Renee’s Limousines to let them know you are interested and to find a suitable date for reservation of the vehicle. The service comes with a professional chauffeur (driver). These vehicles can be used for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, tours, work parties, family gatherings, group get-togethers, airport travel, business transportation and more. Renee’s Limousines are experts in creating memorable experiences and have been doing so for decades already.

Other Minneapolis and St. Paul Limos

We have all sorts of limo styles and models within our Twin Cities limos fleet. If you are in need of a St. Paul limousine or limo in Minneapolis, just take a moment to browse our website, then call an expert at Renee’s Limousines for booking.

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Twin Cities Trolley Service in Minneapolis for School Events, Local Festivals and Fairs and More

Posted on August 31, 2018 by Chad

Minneapolis Trolley Rides – Photo from Wayzata Art Fair near Lake Minnetonka.

If you live in the Minneapolis area, then you are in for a treat when it comes to Twin Cities transportation. Our local transportation service provides a large fleet of vehicles including street cars. The Minneapolis and St. Paul area trolley service is a great way to enjoy tours, festivals, fairs, local events and more, especially if you want a mix of open air travel with groups like schools often do. It is back to school for most college students already but elementary, middle and high schools will be next. Renee’s Limousines can be the perfect solution for festivities for school groups, youth organizations and church groups. What better way to spend the rest of summer and transition to autumn than to travel by trolley street car in the Twin Cities?

Twin Cities Schools and Trolley Rental Services

Twin Cities schools can rent our street car style trolleys for festivities, field trips, cross campus activities, park-to-park travel, inner city travel, outer suburban travel and more. Plan a fun and engaging trip for your interactive experience using a trolley from Renee’s Limousines. Getting the best transportation in the Twin Cities for school events can be tricky, but are experienced at creating wonderful experiences in a variety of tours and other event transportation packages. We can work with you on your custom event too.

Festivals and Fairs

In addition to the mighty Minnesota State Fair, there are plenty of other festivals and fairs throughout the Twin Cities. Anyone traveling to the Twin Cities can find something to do on just about any night. Many of the smaller, more rural communities nearby have their town festivals and a street car trolley would be a perfect solution to group travel, parades and more.

Youth Organizations and Church Groups

Youth organizations and church groups are also welcome to rent our Twin Cities trolley service. We can work with you on your itinerary planning and manage the transportation side. The trolleys in our fleet are well suited for public events, activities, group transportation and interactivity in the community. Call Renee’s Limousines to get a custom plan.

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Trusted Minneapolis Limo Provider: Check the Stats Yourself

Posted on August 15, 2018 by Chad
Twin Cities Limos


Why are consistently ranked so high as a limousine provider in the Twin Cities and premium wedding vendor as well as top notch local transportation service in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area? Just check the stats yourself to see. Our presence in the digital world tells a fascinating story about our company and the people with whom we have had the pleasure to work with, sometimes on a frequent or repeat basis. We value respect, love and commitment. We are in the business of providing that kind of service to our customers. Continue reading to see why we have created such a shining reputation for ourselves online and offline.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List has been a key source of leads and positive feedback for us since we started using it in its early days. We knew that if we showed the Angie’s List user community in Minneapolis and the greater Twin Cities what kind of great service we provide, we would continue to get referrals and leads from people looking for the highest quality service providers for limousines, coaches, coach limos, trolleys and other vehicles that could be used for weddings, tours, anniversaries, work parties, corporate transportation, group travel, pub crawls and much. Just check our website and our Angie’s List profile to see all the services we offer and what others thought of us respectively.

Awards We Have Won and Recognition We Have Gained

We understand the others are the window to seeing ourselves for what we are and what we can do. That is why we put such a focus on customer feedback and learning each time we provide our packages or even a custom service to a customer in the Twin Cities. We want want to be a one-of-a-kind limousine service in Minneapolis and St. Paul. That is why we are also proud when we see ourselves recognized by The Knot, Minnesota Bride Awards, Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine Diamond Awards, Wedding Wire, Limousine and Chauffeured Transportation Magazine Awards, MomentVille Awards, Bride’s Choice Awards, Minneapolis Happening Awards, Minnesota Meetings + Events, Project Wedding Awards and Minneapolis St.Paul “Best of The Twin Cities”.

Our Reviews

One of the greatest things about the digital age is that businesses leave footprints that exist for others anywhere to see. If you do bad business, then you get bad feedback. Others see that feedback and decide to reject you. Good feedback and reviews can garner you the best leads, conversely. We have maintained good relationships with customers for decades already and our Facebook, Google!, Angie’s List, Yelp! and other platforms will give you the real story. Just read what people say. We are five-star rated across the board.

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Minneapolis, MN Limousines for Fall Events in the Twin Cities

Posted on August 7, 2018 by Chad
event limo

Limousines for Events

If you are living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and are in need of a Minneapolis limousine for an event in the Twin Cities, then check out Renee’s Limousines. They have a long history of providing quality professional transportation services in the Twin Cities area since the 1990s. They have a fleet of limousines that rivals any competitor in the Minneapolis, St. Paul or Twin Cities metro area. Their fleet includes vehicles that aren’t limousines too. Renee’s also has trolleys in the Twin Cities as well as coach and even limo coach choices to choice from in case you have group travel plans and need to accommodate several passengers. Continue reading to see what types of events Renee’s Limousines can help with in the area of event transportation in the Twin Cities.

Weddings and Anniversaries

This is an area of business that Renee’s Limousines has continued to excel at, even perfect, since the time we first opened the doors of our services to the public. Our company’s Minneapolis wedding limousines have been trusted by countless wedding planners throughout the Twin Cities. We strive to provide an experience that brides, grooms, their family and guests will remember for a lifetime through our elegant and professional wedding limos, coaches, coach limos and even trolleys. We consult with wedding planners and families directly to provide the best experience possible for their big day. In addition to wedding limos in Minneapolis, we also provide the same level of service for existing couples celebrating their anniversary.

Birthdays, Graduations, Quinceañeras, Bah Mitzvahs and Other Life Milestones

Get a limousine for your son or daughter’s birthday, graduation, Bah Mitzvah or Quinceanera or any other kind of life milestone. Limousines are a perfect way to sport the formal wear and feel good about a life accomplishment. With a professional driver and a planned itinerary, you can see your dreams and vision in front of you to accomplish more milestones in life. Hummer limos, SUV limos, stretch Lincolns, get your preference by calling Renee’s Limousines in the Twin Cities. Even use a limo, coach or trolley for work parties too.

Sports Events, Concerts and Local Events

With all the professional teams and leagues, why not go to games in style? The same can be said for great concerts. How many great musicians and entertainment acts come to the Twin Cities? Tons of them, that’s how many. Get there in luxury. There are also many great local events like educational tours, seminars, trade shows, business events, networking, dating, learning, fun, etc.


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Limousines in Minneapolis for Group Travel in the Twin Cities

Posted on August 5, 2018 by Chad
Minneapolis Limo Service

Renee’s Limousines at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are wonderful places to be, particularly during the warm winter months. Getting a limousine in Minneapolis for group travel can be a challenge because there are a lot of local transportation services to consider. However, when making a decision to rent a limo in the Twin Cities, take into account all the considerations of a good limo company. Take a look at the following to help you make the best choice in reserving a luxury transportation service in the local area.

Luxury and Comfort

What level of comfort and luxury do you expect when looking for a limo provider in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area? Limousines are all about luxury, so why not get a good look at the fleet of vehicles that are available to choose from. Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis has a wide selection to choose from. They also have a range of options for coach travel and limo coach travel. These are perfect for group travel options. Comfortable seating, a choice in size or style and on board entertainment options are just some of the things to consider when looking at a limo fleet.

Size of Fleet

Some limousine companies say they can do it all or claim to have a limo readily available but then once you are ready to reserve one, it is not available on the date and time requested. Don’t run into those troubles. Speak with someone at the company to make sure a limo or coach travel option is available. A large fleet means more options and better availability. These are the benefits to choosing a limo rental service in Minneapolis like Renee’s Limousines. Our fleet contains many different types of limousines and we have a lot to choose from. Call for availability.

Experience and Reputation

Go with a company you can trust. Do your research. Check out reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other sites. If you need a wedding limo in Minneapolis, take a look at wedding service and vendor review profiles. Renee’s Limousines’ reputation speaks for itself. We have five-star ratings across the board, even on Angie’s List. Our company focuses on the client experience and it is core to our business to leave memorable experiences.

Awards and Accolades

Does the local limo company you are looking at have awards? Have they been recognized in the community for outstanding service? In addition to plenty of good customer feedback and reviews, just perform a Google search for Renee’s Limousines and see the awards and recognition from media and other vendors. We have built a solid reputation as a premium Minneapolis and St. Paul limo service and transportation company. Call us to learn more.

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Minneapolis-St. Paul Wedding Limo Summer Season – Suburbs Too!

Posted on July 25, 2018 by Chad
limousines in twin cities

A great experience with Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis will make any bride smile.

Summer is still here and it is sizzling. Picture yourself at that wedding on a nice hot summer day. The heat can get humid and muggy. Now imagine the bride and groom enjoying the cool air conditioned atmosphere of a luxurious and comfortable custom limousine. If it rains, then the limousine is a life saver! But let’s hope for the best here. Whatever day you have in mind, make sure to take care of the wedding limo and wedding transportation plans before it’s too late. We offer our Twin Cities limo service in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs. This includes the east, west, north and south metro areas of the cities. The area stretches into parts of Wisconsin. If you live in this area, you can consult with us.

Minneapolis Limos, Coaches and Trolleys

We have many offerings to customers that live in Minneapolis or are getting married in Minneapolis. Get a Minneapolis wedding limo, coach, limo coach or trolley streetcar for use at your wedding service. We have a wide variety to choose from. This includes passenger car Lincolns, SUVs and Hummers. It is getting late in the summer, so time is running out and we can not guarantee any last minute bookings, especially customer preference for vehicle type. But we will do our best. Call us right away to get started. We also work with wedding planners.

St. Paul Limos, Coaches and Trolleys

Yes, we offer the same exact great services and fleet offering in Minneapolis’s next door neighbor, St. Paul. We love the historic city of St. Paul and the city is host to many weddings in Minnesota. If you are getting married in St. Paul, you can count on Renee’s Limousines to help you in the areas of wedding limos and wedding transportation. That includes group travel and our fleet of custom limos, coaches and trolleys. Call us and talk to a member of our courteous staff to get started on your wedding transportation plan. Airport travel plans also are available.

We Also Serve all the Surrounding Suburbs!

There are a lot of suburbs throughout the two cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. This includes several rings that go all directions. If you live in the suburbs and need a limo, coach or trolley for your wedding, give us a call right away this summer.

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Summer Tours in Minneapolis/St. Paul: Wine, Beer, Gangster, Dinner Theater

Posted on July 18, 2018 by Chad
brewery tours

Breweries in Minneapolis Twin Cities, part of the tours

Summer will be over before you know it, so don’t let it go to waste! There are a number of great fun activities this summer in the Twin Cities that you shouldn’t miss out on. If you are looking to do fun and interactive activities with a group of people like family, friends or co-workers, then you should check out some of the excellent offerings from Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis/St. Paul. We have a variety of excellent tours available that are sure to be very attractive and popular for a group looking for something to do in the city or its suburbs. Call us to learn more about these offerings and visit our website to check them out.

Wine Tours

Renee’s is known for its superb wine tours that are available in a variety of package types on our website. You can choose from several types of tours that take you through different parts of the Twin Cities, including parts of Wisconsin, that offer an up close and personal experience of the wine vineyards and cafes that make this area a sought after destination for many foodies. Wine lovers can experience a variety of different tastes and sensory experiences at these beautiful country and cottage vineyards in Minnesota. Call for availability and package details.

Gangster Tours

During the hey days of the prohibition era in the 1920s and 1930s, gangsters across the Midwest would work with local country folks to bootleg liquor, beer and wine using a variety of networks that included distilleries, distribution routes, safe houses and more. The feds were after guys like Al Capone from Chicago and others, many of whom used Minnesota as a route. They also bought homes and other property in the state back in the day. Take a gangster tour in Minnesota by contacting Renee’s Limousines. Ask for more details.

Beer Brewery Tours

Renee’s Limousines is also widely known for its relationships with countless breweries across the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Minnesota brewery tours are very fun and very popular. Take one by contacting Renee’s Limousines and find out what all the craft beer buzz is about (pun intended).

Dinner Theaters

We can also accommodate trips to dinner parties and dinner theaters like those at several theaters and other facilities in the Twin Cities. Ask for more details by phone to get set up with a package.

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Airport Limos and Coach Shuttle Services in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Posted on July 16, 2018 by Chad

Minneapolis Limousines are very sought after in the Twin Cities area for a variety of people flying in and out of the city. Airport Limousines going to and from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) are in constant demand. People fly to the Twin Cities from all over the country, even all over the world. From Dubai, Connecticut, Florida, even England. Many of these intercontinental and international travelers are visiting the Minneapolis area and are in need of a limousine. Whether you are a tourist visiting the cities or are in town on business travel, you can rent a limousine in Minneapolis, complete with a dedicated driver for airport travel, business travel or personal travel throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

Airport Limos in Minneapolis for Business Travelers

If you are in the Twin Cities on business, then Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis is a top choice for your business traveling purposes. Renee’s Limousines has a large fleet of limos in the Twin Cities available for airport travel to and from MSP and around the Twin Cities for business trips, lunches, dinners, events, meetings, etc. There are many great business opportunities to be had in the Twin Cities and a limousine will help you navigate through the business destinations that make sense for you. We have been serving businesses small and large for decades.

Twin Cities Airport Limousines for Family, Friends or Yourself

If you are visiting the Twin Cities to see family or friends, or visa versa, then Renee’s Limousines can help you. We can offer short-term limo rentals in the Minneapolis area to pick up passengers at the airport. If you are looking for group travel with a great deal of passengers, then you can rent one of the coaches or limo coaches available within our massive fleet of transportation vehicles. Get the best in airport transportation in Minneapolis from Renee’s Limousines.

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Choose a Safe and Reliable Limousine Service for Next Pub Crawl

Posted on July 5, 2018 by Chad
minneapolis wedding party limousines

Our Limousines in Minneapolis

Our Minneapolis limousine service can help you organize a safe, reliable and comfortable transportation plan for your next pub crawl, bar hop or tour. If you visit our website, you will notice a number of tours and events that we regularly service and help organize. These include pub crawls across the Twin Cities. We also provide safe and sober transportation between venues of all sorts but we specialize in tours such as our Minneapolis and St. Paul area beer brewery tours and wine tours. Get to where you are going safely, comfortably and all while having fun with friends, family, co-workers, etc. Choose from passenger car or SUV limos, streetcar style trolleys, coaches or limo coaches. Let Renee’s Limousines help you organize that next pub crawl or other event.


On Minnesota roadways, it doesn’t matter if you are having a birthday party or a celebration of other sorts, driving while intoxicated is not only illegal, it is downright dangerous! Even if you are the designated driver, the winter roadways and busy Twin Cities traffic can make driving difficult and unpleasant (plus, you can’t join the party in all of its festivities). If you have a driver that knows the city and can help you in your quest for fun, adventure, entertainment or other pleasures, you can safely plan a party route that everyone can be involved with. Don’t worry about the travel planning, just leave that to us and have fun in a limo, coach or trolley.


Renee’s Limousines has been in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area for a long time providing service to hundreds of different clients over the years. We are experts in the transportation planning for fun, love, family and gatherings of all sorts. We even do corporate transportation and sporting events. We have won awards and been recognized by local media. We have great ratings on Facebook, Google Plus, Yelp! and Angie’s List. You could say that this makes us reliable but we really believe we stand out as the best of transportation experiences in the Twin Cities.


Comfort and style. That’s what it’s all about in the end, right? You want to have a good time. You don’t want to worry about finding the sober driver or catching cabs, buses, Uber/Lyft, etc. Why not book a planned evening, complete with a limo, trolley or coach that are safe and reliable with professional drivers. It just makes sense, really. Call us to learn more about our service in the Twin Cities.

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Coaches and Limo Coaches – What’s the Difference?

Posted on June 29, 2018 by Chad

The difference between coaches and limo coaches at Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis is simple and subtle but can make all the difference in the world to some customers. This is why we strive to maintain quality and diversity within our fleet of custom limousines, coaches and trolleys in the Twin Cities. In this post, we will discuss the nuanced differences between a coach and limo coach.

What is a Coach? 

Coaches are like large luxurious buses that feature a number of great amenities and are ideal for groups of passengers. These passengers can plan entertainment events of all sorts using these custom dream machines. They are built with the shuttle of passengers in mind so there are options for on board entertainment, comfortable seating and more. They have been used for event transportation, wedding shuttles, airport transportation, tours, visitor guides and more. They can seat up to 56 passengers. There are also mini coach buses that seat more than 30 passengers. Learn more by visiting our website and clicking on or hovering over “our fleet”.

What is a Limo Coach?

The same ideas apply here. We have Mercedes Benz limo coaches available. These are like buses but smaller and emphasize the luxury and features of the vehicle more intimately with the passengers on board. These can be used for the same purposes as the large buses but they have a wider range of applications because they are easier to maneuver around cities, structural elements and so forth around the Twin Cities. Visit the fleet link at our website to learn more about limo coaches. The Mercedes models seat up to 12, but we have other models that seat up to 24 people as well.

How to Book a Coach or Limo Coach

If you need help booking a coach bus or limo coach for your group travel, party or other purpose, consult with Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis. We can help you with a variety of questions you might have about any packages we offer or about a custom transportation plan. Thanks for reading our blog! Visit our website to learn more about these and other offerings from Renee’s Limousines in the Twin Cities.

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