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Autumn Weddings in Minnesota

Posted on October 25, 2018 by Chad
Autumn Wedding MN

Image by Blake Newman

Getting married in Minnesota in the Autumn months can be a bit colder than your typical warm weather months of April, May, June, July, August and September. The colder months of October, November and December can be great for weddings that are indoors or for those that need to schedule their wedding during the Autumn timeline. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of Autumn weddings that take advantage of both the foliage and the timeline. In fact, many couples would rather reserve their summers and springs for more adventurous activities after they are married. They may even choose the summer for their honeymoon.

Rustic and Autumn Seasonal Themes

Any great wedding photographer knows the great visual and aesthetic benefits to the fall season. They often love the rustic feel and present a quaint and happy image as a final result. Great photos are just one aspect covering the autumn wedding style, however. Then there is the surroundings. These rustic settings for the overall theme seem to make the guests more comfortable and at ease. This is a great time for that considering the overall stress that goes along with a wedding for most couples. Autumn is a time of transition. How perfect for a wedding.

Indoor Spaces for Weddings

Minnesota is no stranger to cold weather. Thankfully, the state has many great spaces with amenities as a result. This includes all sorts of building to use for receptions, parties, etc. after the ceremony has taken place at the church, house of worship, outdoors, another venue, etc. Minneapolis and St. Paul and the surrounding metro area is full of great choices for indoor venues for autumn weddings. The good news is that prices are very competitive as well.

Wedding Limousines in the Twin Cities

Renee’s Limousines (formerly Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches & Trolleys) is an award winning wedding transportation service provider in the Twin Cities. Consult with us for use of vehicles in our fleet and availability for your autumn wedding in Minnesota.

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Minneapolis-St. Paul Event Transportation Services

Posted on October 15, 2018 by Chad
Event Transportation in the Twin Cities

Image by Josh Sorenson

Are you looking for event transportation services in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. If you live or do business in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, you can find the best in event transportation services. Companies like ours have experience in providing limousines, trolleys, coaches and limo coaches to businesses and individuals that need to rent them for their events. Choose from a large fleet. Find the right size and style for your event. Coordinate the dates, times, number of passengers, etc. by calling Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis today.

Event Transportation Service

Our company has been in the business since the early 1990s, providing top quality transportation services for businesses and party planners in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Twin Cities metro area. We are trusted by many and have won numerous awards for our transportation service. We specialize in events including parties, weddings, concerts, pub crawls, tours and more. Find out more about our services and the types of events we help clients with by visiting our main website. There is a lot of information related to our event transportation planning and services.

Our Fleet of Vehicles for Events and Group Travel Plans

You can also find a great deal of information related to our fleet of vehicles that includes passenger car and sport utility vehicle style stretch limousines in Minneapolis. We service both Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. Our fleet includes a variety of limousines, trolleys, coach buses and limo coaches for your group to choose for its event. Call to plan and consult with us on your event plans.

Event Transportation Planning and Coordination

Work with a transportation company that specializes in events and will work directly with you to plan and coordinate your group travel plans for your event. We can also help with shuttles and on site travel as well. Call us for more info.

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Halloween Events in the Twin Cities

Posted on October 10, 2018 by Chad
Minneapolis and St. Paul Twin Cities Halloween Events 2018

Photo by Thibault Trillet

There are a bunch of great Halloween events coming up in the Twin Cities, according to the City of Minneapolis. Here are some of the popular events and happenings in the area that was compiled by the city. If you need a limo, coach or trolley service for any one of these events or for your own Halloween event, contact Renee’s Limousines today.

The Afton Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch is open 7 days a week through late October from 10:00am-6:00pm. Explore the 200+ acres of the orchard that produces Minnesota grown apples and pumpkins. There is also a 15-acre corn maze and a hayride with apple picking. The apple festival runs September 29th & 30th, Oct 6th & 7th, and 13th & 14th, 2018, according to the City of Minneapolis.

Scream Town is another event that takes place on weekends and select weeknights September 28th-November 3rd in Chaska. There are eight scary attractions: Crop Spawn, Phobia House, Ludicrous Labyrinth, Zombie Apocalypse CDC, Circus Asylum and others.

Check out the 300 Clifton Candlelight Tour 2018 taking place Wednesdays in October (starting October 3rd) with 7:00pm and 8:00pm tours. Learn the history of Clifton Avenue. Meet the ghost of one of the Carpenter family’s chambermaids, Gertrude. Walk through the main mansion, grounds, and carriage house.

Go see the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular on the following dates/times: October 4th-31st, 2018; Sunday – Thursday  at 7pm-10pm; and Friday and Saturday, 7pm-11pm at the Minnesota Zoo.

Also check out the Haunted Basement at 2010 East Hennepin Ave. Below are the event dates/times:
Friday – Sunday, October 5th-14th, 2018
Thursday – Sunday, October 18th-28th, 2018
Wednesday, October 31st

TERRORWORLD Haunted Attraction is another popular event that runs October 17th-November 3rd, 2018 and
opens at 7:00pm. The address is 3300 5th St. Northeast, Minneapolis. There will be a DJ and pro BMX X-games riders there.

There is also the Twin Cities Horror Festival from October 25th-November 4th, 2018 at the Southern Theater. It features 11 days of theater, dance, music and film.

There is the Paranormal Overnight on October 31st, 2018 at 7:00pm on 300 Clifton. Also, don’t forget to check out First Avenue’s Annual Halloween Party & Costume Contest on Halloween night October 31st, 2018 at 8:00pm in the First Avenue Main Room.

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Get a Limo for Your Next Zombie Pub Crawl

Posted on October 1, 2018 by Chad
Zombie Pub Crawl Twin Cities

Zombie Pub Crawl Photo: Marsupium Photography

Halloween is one of those festive fun holidays that many people around the Twin Cities get to enjoy once per year but the long awaited pub crawls and zombie pub crawls in the Minneapolis area are perfect for a limo service. Get a Minneapolis or St. Paul area limousine service for your group’s next pub crawl. Check out the packages available on our website to learn more.

What is a Zombie Pub Crawl? 

Zombie culture and its pop culture consequences can now be seen everywhere. More popular television shows depict the undead characters such as those in shows like iZombie and others. Pubs have been getting in on the action too. There are zombie themed pub crawls all across the country, even right here in the Twin Cities. It is a night when people dress up as brain eaters and move from bar to bar, enjoying the company of others in morbid garb.

How do I find a Zombie Pub Crawl in the Twin Cities?

There are many different bars and clubs around the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Many suburbs also cater to these events for their regular patrons. Be sure to check out special pub crawl events and packages on the Renee’s Limousines website. Check out our Facebook page for previous pub crawl events or look on event calendars locally. A limousine, trolley or coach is one of the best ways to travel as a group for your zombie pub crawl in the Twin Cities.

Where Can I Get Ideas for my Zombie Costume or Makeup? 

There are some really interesting and creative costumes and zombie makeup jobs out there. You can look at all sorts of images on the Internet. Check out some of the images from our Facebook page to get some more ideas on what some people have done in the past.

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Twin Cities Wedding Limo Rental for Autumn 2018

Posted on September 30, 2018 by Chad
limousines in twin cities

A great experience with Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis will make any bride smile.

Get the most out of your Minneapolis wedding limo by making sure that the Twin Cities transportation service that you are working with has the type of vehicles you need, guaranteed availability for your big date, works closely with you on transportation details and has experience and expertise in creating memorable experience for couples and guests getting married in the Twin Cities. Let’s take a closer look at how Renee’s Limousines stands to these standards.

The Limo Fleet

Minneapolis limousines within our fleet represent style, elegance and entertainment. Our core fleet of wedding limos includes Lincoln car and SUV stretch limousines as well as Hummer H2 and other models. They are well maintained and taken care of. We regularly provide service to Twin Cities weddings. In addition to limos, we also have street car style trolleys for on site use and rental, coach buses and limo coaches. View our available fleet online.


It is recommended to always call well in advance to work out details and book your wedding with a limousine provider in the Twin Cities. We will not overbook ourselves and we promise to focus strictly on you and your needs. We are an award winning company in the Twin Cities.

Details and Planning

We specialize in the experience. We want to work closely with you to get all the details right beyond just the dates/times. Consult with us in advance of your big day and we can work out all the sorts of details needed for your transportation issues including wedding limos and guest transportation. We even offer airport shuttle and airport limo pickup services. Let us know.


We have been providing stellar wedding limousine rental and transportation services in this community since the early 1990s. Beyond our decades of experience, we have been recognized by local media, wedding publications/bridal publications and other vendors for being outstanding. Our customer reviews on the Internet also speak volumes.

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Fall Birthday Bash Ideas: Rent a Limo for Your Pub Crawl

Posted on September 29, 2018 by Chad
wedding limos mn

Yelp Screenshot

Fall is here ladies and gentlemen! Get ready for the season of pub crawls in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Twin Cities area of Minnesota. During this special autumn season, the locals get ready to wind down from the summer festivities and beautiful warm weather and transition into the shorter, colder days and months that immediately precede the winter months. These are the months of back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, foliage and hibernation. But for humans living in the Twin Cities, the experiences can be just as fun. If you have a fall birthday, rent a limo for a pub crawl in the Twin Cities.

Custom Pub Crawls in the Twin Cities

Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis has a wide selection of great limos to rent, but they also have a lot of experience organizing these kinds of events. For fall birthday parties, there are a number of pub crawl packages to choose from on the website, but you can also plan and coordinate a custom pub crawl event for your birthday bash too. Celebrating a birthday in Minneapolis can be one of the most fun experiences one can have, especially riding an elegant and luxurious limousine from our fleet of stretch limos.

Fall Limo Rides for Pub Crawls

Why do it the old fashioned way, anyway? It’s getting cold out there. Riding in comfort and style is much better. You can feel comfortable and wear your favorite party attire to enjoy yourself with your friends or family on this one of a kind pub crawl in the Twin Cities. Riding in warm luxury vehicle with plenty of space and on board entertainment seems like a much better way to cruise to the party destination of your choice. Rent a Minneapolis limo from one of the most trusted names in business.

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Upgrade Your Minneapolis Limousine to a Hummer H2 Stretch Limo!

Posted on September 19, 2018 by Chad
Hummer Limo Rental Minneapolis

Rent this H2 Hummer Limo in Minneapolis

Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis

If you are looking for the best in limousines in Minneapolis, be sure to take a look through the fleet of Renee’s Limousines. Renee’s Limousines has a large fleet of vehicles that includes limos, coaches, limo coaches and street car style trolleys. All of the vehicles in this fleet are amazing, but the new Hummer H2 stretch SUV limos are something to really write home about. See about getting the Hummer upgrade if you are thinking about limo rental in the Twin Cities.

About the Hummer H2

The Hummer went from being recognized as a military vehicle used in war zones and military police units to being recognized as a luxury SUV in the American marketplace for consumers. Celebrities like MMA fighter Kimbo Slice have been seen with their entourage rolling around in the spacious SUVs. Renee’s Limousines provides these luxurious “beasts” to our customers who want to turn it up a notch and ride in style, size and comfort.

Our Hummer H2 Stretch Limos

Customers enjoy these solid flush square design vehicles. The vehicle exhibits a sense of power that people are really attracted to. If you are looking for a powerful experience, then consider a Hummer H2 stretch limo SUV rental. Our fleet consists of these and other SUV limos. Our Hummer H2 limo series provides just as much, if not more, comfort and quality to our limo fleet in the Twin Cities. From the chromed out grill to the nerf bars that assist people in getting up and into this huge vehicle, the Hummer will impress every time.

Renting a Hummer Limo in Minneapolis

If you are interested in renting a hummer limo in the Twin Cities, then be sure to call Renee’s Limousines to let them know you are interested and to find a suitable date for reservation of the vehicle. The service comes with a professional chauffeur (driver). These vehicles can be used for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, tours, work parties, family gatherings, group get-togethers, airport travel, business transportation and more. Renee’s Limousines are experts in creating memorable experiences and have been doing so for decades already.

Other Minneapolis and St. Paul Limos

We have all sorts of limo styles and models within our Twin Cities limos fleet. If you are in need of a St. Paul limousine or limo in Minneapolis, just take a moment to browse our website, then call an expert at Renee’s Limousines for booking.

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Looking for a Limo for the School Dance this Year in the Twin Cities?

Posted on September 16, 2018 by Chad

Limousines in Minneapolis and St. Paul Area

There are a lot of dances in the Twin Cities. There are a lot of schools in the Twin Cities. For those high school and junior high kids that have gone back to school, they know there will be dances to prepare for. Some kids really want to go out in style with an elegant limousine to ride with their date in. That includes a limo and a driver to chauffeur them. With all those dances and teen hormonal energy, there will be a huge demand for limousines for high school dances in the Twin Cities. That is why we recommend getting in touch with us early to find and book a limo for your child’s school dance.

Getting a Limo Secured Ahead of Time is Important

When it comes to limousine travel, planning early is important. Though we have a large fleet, the demand can quickly outpace what we have available. Don’t wait until the last minute to secure your limousine rental in the Twin Cities. Because there are more schools and students than there are limousines, it should be something that you want to get going on right now if a Twin Cities limo rental is very important to you.

Our Fleet of Limos and Your Options

Our fleet is quite large and includes a range of vehicle options, however it should be noted that availability is based on demand. Call Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis to see if we have availability for the date and time that you have planned for your school dance in the Twin Cities. We try our best to provide excellent service and diversity in the type of vehicles that are available within our fleet of limos in Minneapolis. Take a look at our website to learn more about our stretch passenger car limos, stretch SUV limousines, coach buses and limo coaches.

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Twin Cities Trolley Service in Minneapolis for School Events, Local Festivals and Fairs and More

Posted on August 31, 2018 by Chad

Minneapolis Trolley Rides – Photo from Wayzata Art Fair near Lake Minnetonka.

If you live in the Minneapolis area, then you are in for a treat when it comes to Twin Cities transportation. Our local transportation service provides a large fleet of vehicles including street cars. The Minneapolis and St. Paul area trolley service is a great way to enjoy tours, festivals, fairs, local events and more, especially if you want a mix of open air travel with groups like schools often do. It is back to school for most college students already but elementary, middle and high schools will be next. Renee’s Limousines can be the perfect solution for festivities for school groups, youth organizations and church groups. What better way to spend the rest of summer and transition to autumn than to travel by trolley street car in the Twin Cities?

Twin Cities Schools and Trolley Rental Services

Twin Cities schools can rent our street car style trolleys for festivities, field trips, cross campus activities, park-to-park travel, inner city travel, outer suburban travel and more. Plan a fun and engaging trip for your interactive experience using a trolley from Renee’s Limousines. Getting the best transportation in the Twin Cities for school events can be tricky, but are experienced at creating wonderful experiences in a variety of tours and other event transportation packages. We can work with you on your custom event too.

Festivals and Fairs

In addition to the mighty Minnesota State Fair, there are plenty of other festivals and fairs throughout the Twin Cities. Anyone traveling to the Twin Cities can find something to do on just about any night. Many of the smaller, more rural communities nearby have their town festivals and a street car trolley would be a perfect solution to group travel, parades and more.

Youth Organizations and Church Groups

Youth organizations and church groups are also welcome to rent our Twin Cities trolley service. We can work with you on your itinerary planning and manage the transportation side. The trolleys in our fleet are well suited for public events, activities, group transportation and interactivity in the community. Call Renee’s Limousines to get a custom plan.

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Trusted Minneapolis Limo Provider: Check the Stats Yourself

Posted on August 15, 2018 by Chad
Twin Cities Limos


Why are consistently ranked so high as a limousine provider in the Twin Cities and premium wedding vendor as well as top notch local transportation service in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area? Just check the stats yourself to see. Our presence in the digital world tells a fascinating story about our company and the people with whom we have had the pleasure to work with, sometimes on a frequent or repeat basis. We value respect, love and commitment. We are in the business of providing that kind of service to our customers. Continue reading to see why we have created such a shining reputation for ourselves online and offline.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List has been a key source of leads and positive feedback for us since we started using it in its early days. We knew that if we showed the Angie’s List user community in Minneapolis and the greater Twin Cities what kind of great service we provide, we would continue to get referrals and leads from people looking for the highest quality service providers for limousines, coaches, coach limos, trolleys and other vehicles that could be used for weddings, tours, anniversaries, work parties, corporate transportation, group travel, pub crawls and much. Just check our website and our Angie’s List profile to see all the services we offer and what others thought of us respectively.

Awards We Have Won and Recognition We Have Gained

We understand the others are the window to seeing ourselves for what we are and what we can do. That is why we put such a focus on customer feedback and learning each time we provide our packages or even a custom service to a customer in the Twin Cities. We want want to be a one-of-a-kind limousine service in Minneapolis and St. Paul. That is why we are also proud when we see ourselves recognized by The Knot, Minnesota Bride Awards, Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine Diamond Awards, Wedding Wire, Limousine and Chauffeured Transportation Magazine Awards, MomentVille Awards, Bride’s Choice Awards, Minneapolis Happening Awards, Minnesota Meetings + Events, Project Wedding Awards and Minneapolis St.Paul “Best of The Twin Cities”.

Our Reviews

One of the greatest things about the digital age is that businesses leave footprints that exist for others anywhere to see. If you do bad business, then you get bad feedback. Others see that feedback and decide to reject you. Good feedback and reviews can garner you the best leads, conversely. We have maintained good relationships with customers for decades already and our Facebook, Google!, Angie’s List, Yelp! and other platforms will give you the real story. Just read what people say. We are five-star rated across the board.

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